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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Playlist (Part 5)

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Tim soon returned to his loft apartment, placing his phone carefully on the table before walking upstairs. It was all still pretty unreal -- being swapped into a woman’s body -- but it was finally starting to sink in. In fact, now that he got out of his exercise head space, he was starting to wonder what to do next. This woman must’ve been working out for a while before the swap, since he was pretty sweaty; however, he didn’t have any clothes to change into -- none that would fit right anyway. He thought about going back down to his phone and calling her. Then again, he could probably just change into one of his own t-shirts. It’d be oversized and probably look like a dress on him, but he certainly didn’t plan to go out like this. At least not yet...


  1. Why are you remove your captions after a while? Would you upload your removed captions via a file hosting site like mediafire or something.