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Friday, May 25, 2018

The Park

Neil had gone for a walk in the park; it seemed innocent enough. The elderly were feeding the birds, couples were holding hands, and kids were playing. One kid in particular had an odd-looking toy. The alarming thing was that the toy seemed to be zapping people with some sort of jolt that caused them to go unconscious. It took Neil a little too long to realize what was happening and before he could get away, he too was zapped.

Neil awoke some time later. It became apparent to him that the toy the kid had was a body swapping device of some sort, and that he had been swapped into the body of a woman wearing leather pants and high heels. He did his best to lift himself to his feet, but the pants were quite restrictive and the heels were tough to stand up in. The kid was long gone, but there were plenty of people scattered around the park that seemed to be adjusting to their new body just like Neil.

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