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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Couldn't (Part 2)

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When Jason awoke the next morning, he expected the woman he had met the night before to greet him with a smile on a pillow beside him. Instead, an older woman shouted at him, “Niti! It’s time to get up!”

Jason had so many questions. Who was this woman? Why was she calling him Niti? The woman grabbed his arm and demanded again, “Niti, we need to get you ready for your wedding!”

That’s when Jason noticed his arm. It was slender, more feminine, and the skin was darker. It didn’t take him wrong to recognize it though -- it belonged to the woman from the club last night, the woman who had brought him back to her place.

From this angle, it was even more apparent why he agreed to go home with her last night, even if sleeping with a soon-to-be-maried woman seemed like a bad idea. In her green silk robe, her curves and beauty were even more clear than they were the night before. The only downside right now seemed to be those curves belonged to him and a pushed older lady -- presumably this woman’s mother -- was now pushing him to get ready for a that he would now be attending as the bride!

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  1. great use of pic & mysterious story. What's going on? PLS continue