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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Immediately after casting the spell, Max could tell things had gone wrong. He looked down to see a gray top with breasts pushing outward and a pink skirt. Yep, this was definitely wrong! But he recognized this body. It didn’t belong to the muscle bound neighbor of his, Eric. It belonged to his younger sister who stopped by from time to time, Erica. Max began to think of the body swap spell he had cast, his heart sank when he realized his error. He had paused before saying Eric’s last name. He had to think about it, inserting an unfortunate “uh” after saying “Eric.” That meant he had cast the spell to swap with Eric-uh... or rather, Erica! He couldn’t believe how stupid he could be! And the spell was back at his place, with Erica now in his body. He wasn’t even sure it would work a second time, and he didn’t want to have to explain this to Erica, who was now in his body!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Uncontrollable Urge

Rodrigo kept telling himself that just because he had swapped bodies with Claire, it didn’t mean anything. He was still himself on the inside, and when they figured out how to swap back, everything would be back to normal. However, he kept having odd feelings that he couldn’t explain. When he walked past a shoe store, he couldn’t help but peek in. He started to think how cute the shoes on display were, how good they’d look on his feet after a quick pedicure, and how much he wanted to buy them. He had to snap himself back. What was he thinking? Why was he so obsessed with shoes? They didn’t seem like his own thoughts at all; they seemed more like...well, more like Claire’s. He wondered if being in her body was having some sort of effect on him, or if there were residual parts of her left behind. Either way, he knew he had to swap back as soon as possible. Yet before setting off to switch back, he turned to the shoes once more. It couldn’t hurt to take just a little time to try them on, could it? Just to see how they looked. Despite his better judgment, he soon found himself going into the store to have a look around and try a few things on...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Memories (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Brenda stopped for a second. She shouldn’t feel this weird about walking home. Then again, she shouldn’t feel so weird any time she thought of herself as “Brenda.” All her memories were telling her she was “Sal.” Heck, all of those memories were telling her that she was a “he.” What did she know about being a pre-med major? Or even about being a young woman? She thought briefly about running back to Sal’s home, to Sal’s wife. Then she realized Sal himself was going back there...even though he was probably thinking of himself as Brenda, having a similar existential crisis. She chuckled to herself as she thought about that. She clearly had Sal’s memory of not telling his wife about any of this. If she was going to have a bad week as Brenda with only the memories of Sal, she was sure Sal was going to have an even worse one as Sal with only the memories of Brenda. Suddenly, she didn’t think this was going to be that bad. She looked around; she lived right around here, didn’t she?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


It was considered a breakthrough when scientists found out where memories were stored in the brain. There were many tests to be run, which often required human experiments. Brenda decided to volunteer when she discovered that the amount they offered would pay her entire college tuition with some left over. It was a little scary when they told her they would be exchanging all her memories with another volunteer. Of course, after the procedure, she remembered none of this, or rather, she remembered it a little differently. She didn’t have any memory of “Brenda.” She thought of herself as Sal, a 42-year-old electric engineer who was doing this for the cash to take care of his family. She had to be told who she really was, her name, where she lived, every aspect of her life that seemed important. She even tried telling herself that she was this Brenda person instead of being Sal. It was weird, since all she could remember was being a slightly overweight middle-aged man, but when she looked down and saw the body of a beautiful college aged woman, she knew those memories were wrong. She felt disjointed as she walked home. It felt so unfamiliar, and she felt so awkwardly uncomfortable in her own body and clothes. She told herself that she must have walked this way countless times before, that she just could no longer remember, but it didn’t help. Telling herself she should be able to remember something was far different from actually remembering.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Exchange Rate

Marc had seen the ads offering a lot of money to switch bodies with someone. Considering how much debt he was in, he started to seriously think about it until one day, he decided to go for it. Once he arrived at the center, it seemed all the bodies he could swap with were foreign females. He didn’t really question much about this, but instead kept his eye on the figure with a whole bunch of zeroes. He swallowed deeply, before picking the body he’d be stuck with for the rest of his life. He selected a cute, young Asian woman. Some of the other bodies paid much more, but they were often old. Soon he was lead to another room where he was hooked into a machine. It was turned on once Marc was settled in. An instant later, he found himself in a similar room thousands of miles far away. Sure enough, he had the body of the woman he had selected. He was paid the promised money and he was off on his way. He certainly felt rich...that is, until he was realized the money he was paid in amounted to only about one hundred dollars thanks to the exchange rate.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Alan had to admit that this old machine was truly amazing. He hadn’t even expected it to turn on, but when it did, he was surprised when one of the magnetic tape reels began to turn, proceeding to download a memory onto him. The odd device transformed him into a woman. Her body, her clothes -- they had all been stored on the tape somehow, and this machine managed to transform Alan into a copy of her. He considered himself fortunate to still have his own mind! He figured his own body was uploaded at the same time, so all he had to do was rewind the tape. He did this and reactivated the machine, but...nothing! He was stuck in this woman’s body!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

30 Years

It had been a little over a month since Brian’s strange magic spell had zapped him back in time 30 years along with his three friends. Their spirits latched on to their mothers’ younger bodies. They had all taken it pretty hard at first, but they were doing their best to adjust. Brian finally thought he had good news.

“I found a way back,” He announced with a confident smirk, “Back to our own bodies and back to our own time.”

“What if I don’t want to go back?” Aiden asked.

“Me neither,” Henry pipped in.

Brian was a little weirded out, “Do you guys know what that means? In five years, we’ll all be marrying our own fathers! In seven, we will all give birth to ourselves. Do you guys really want to go through child birth?”

“I had to sit through that sex ed class last week. It didn’t seem so bad.”

Brian rolled his eyes, “Well, this is your chance. I’m going to return in two days. If you’re in, meet me in my basement. If not, I guess I’ll see you all in 30 years.”

Saturday, October 24, 2015


The first thing Aaron did was turn on the TV. It was a bit of a relief; he wasn’t crazy. There was apparently a worldwide body swapping phenomenon that had just taken place that was being called “The Great Shift.” After accepting the fact that he was now a woman, he began to look around where he was. This house was huge! This woman owned a lot of clothes and jewelry as well, and it all looked very expensive. It would be a pretty good trade off for losing his own body if he got to enjoy this body’s money. Heck, even if wasn’t legally entitled to it, he had a good feeling that this woman probably had a great deal of pride. It seemed likely that she wouldn’t want to see her body in any sort of financial hardship situation. Aaron was beginning to think the Great Shift might have been the best thing that could have possibly happened to him.

Friday, October 23, 2015


Kevin smiled as he texted Ellen from the airport. He had tricked her into swapping bodies with him using the Medallion of Zulu. She demanded they swap back immediately, but he knew the thing wouldn’t work again for twelve hours. That meant he had twelve hours to enact his plan. He headed straight to the airport. He went in the clothes he was wearing, and he didn’t pack a bag -- His own clothes would be no good and Ellen would’ve been way too suspicious if he had packed a bag of her clothes. It didn’t matter where he went, but he needed it to be far. He wanted to be sure Ellen couldn’t follow. Still, he didn’t want to be a total jerk. He told her that he left the medallion for her, and how she could use it to switch bodies with someone else. After sending the text, he threw the phone into the trash and boarded his plane. He was ready to start his new life. The fake ID had already fooled security, and the credit card he had set up with that same identity had successfully purchased a ticket. He was sure Ellen would never find him. It was going to be a good new life.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Buy It Now

Ken breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the old book was still there. It had gone up for auction yesterday, but it didn’t receive a single bid. That meant it was up to him and his co-worker Sarah to put it up online in an attempt to get some sort of money for it. She and Ken had opened it up and examined it, attempting to get a better description. It was filled with words in a strange language. Sarah had attempted to read a bit of it, but it sounded so strange. Neither expected those words to be an ancient spell that would result in them swapping bodies. Ken was shocked to wake up the next morning in Sarah’s bed. He got dressed as quickly as he could, not even caring how short the first skirt he came across was. Upon looking at a few items they had worked with yesterday, he was sure it was the book. He needed to get it out of there. But just as he was about to, another co-worker entered.

“Hey, Sarah,” He told Ken, “Let’s get ready to ship that book. We got a bidder that picked the ‘Buy It Now’ option with overnight shipping.”

Ken began to panic. He and Sarah were only going to have one shot at getting this right. She’d have to find the same page, recite the words again, and both would have to cross their fingers that they’d be back in their own bodies tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


It was a bit of a surprise for John one day as he exited his apartment for a man to be standing there, seemingly waiting for him. He struck up a conversion almost immediately.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” He said, “But before the Shift this was where I lived, that was my body. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to come inside for a little bit, soak up a few memories, and maybe even take a few of my things that have some sentimental value to me.”

John was shocked, “The Shift? It’s been almost two years now. Why did you wait so long?”

“Losing my body was difficult for me. I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to see it again. As time passed, I realized there were things I missed.”

John seemed skeptical, “How do I know? I mean, do you think you’re the first person who had shown up here claiming this body was once theirs? I was trusting the first time. It was a big mistake. And even I did believe you, I can’t help you right now. I’m on my way out. I have things to do. If you can think of some way to prove to me that you did once have this body, then wait here for me to return. I might let you in on my way back.”

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


When Daniel suddenly found himself in a strange place in a strange body, he wasted no time in coming up with a course of action. He got to high ground then climbed the tallest structure he could find to get a better look of things. He still didn’t know exactly where he was, but the world seemed to be in chaos. Cars had crashed, people were fighting. It seemed logical to him that he wasn’t the only one inside of a stranger’s body. Luckily, this body was in good shape and properly dressed for climbing, running, and so on. He had a feeling there’d be a lot more walking before things calmed down and got sorted out.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Destiny (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Ryan jolted slightly when he heard the door of the room he was getting read in open. He was expecting Lauren’s maid of honor, but instead Todd stood there.

“It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding,” Ryan managed to mutter.

“Well,” Todd confessed, “The truth is that I am not really your husband-to-be. I know this is going to sound like a fantasy, but he and I switched bodies.”

Ryan perked up, “Let’s say I can believe that.”

“My name is Karen. I was supposed to marry my husband today, but I swapped bodies with Todd last week. I was so mean to Ryan. I was a terrible fiancee. I was demanding and rude and downright mean to him. Then I switch with this guy, and I see you, Lauren. You are so sweet, going with the flow, so accommodating. I wish I had been a bride like you to my Ryan. Maybe I would’ve have been cursed to swap with Todd.” Ryan was a little shocked. He went over and kissed Todd’s body, knowing it was Karen now. “I have a little confession of my own,” He began to say, as he told her who he really was as well...

Sunday, October 18, 2015


A week ago, Ryan had been drinking in a bar, complaining loudly about his life. A woman named Lauren approached him, saying it couldn’t possibly be as bad as hers. They downed a few more beers together and argued over who had it worse. Lauren finally told him that if wanted out of his life so badly, she could do it for him. She was a witch and she could swap their bodies. But, she assured him, he didn’t want her life. He laughed, partially because he couldn’t believe her situation was worse than his and the other part being he couldn’t believe in magic. But when he woke up the next morning, he was shocked -- he was in Lauren’s body; he was Lauren! He smirked. He had gotten out of his upcoming wedding. Sure, he had loved Karen when he first proposed, but she had turned into such a pain in the ass as they went through all the prep work planning for the ceremony and the reception. She no longer felt like the woman he fell in love with anymore. At the same time, he was too chicken to pull out of the wedding; in part, he just feared her wrath if he did so. However, he never would’ve expected that Lauren was ALSO trying to get away from her wedding. They were actually due to be wed on the same day. The following week was a whirlwind of dresses, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and so on. The week passed in an instant, as he stood in a white dress waiting to marry Lauren’s fiancĂ©e, Todd. He didn’t know why he didn’t just run away from all this. He didn’t have any of the attachments Lauren did, so why was he even going through with this. Maybe for the same reasons he couldn’t break things off with Karen when he should have? He looked out a window and wondered, knowing the wedding downstairs would start at any minute...

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Derek had found the necklace while working at the construction site. He was worried it was some sort of old artifact that would halt construction. Upon bringing it home, he polished it off and instead figured it was just some cheap knock-off, he could give to a future girlfriend. He placed it on a nightstand and went to bed. When he woke up the next morning, the thing was around his neck, even weirder was his whole body had been changed. He was now a beautiful, skinny woman -- even his clothes had changed. The first thing he did was to try and take off the necklace, with no luck. He stripped down briefly, but soon realized his own clothes would no longer fit him. He put back on the blouse and leather pants and headed to the construction site. No one seemed to recognize him as he walked around, and he was soon asked to leave. He had no idea what he was going to do in this strange, unfamiliar body!

Friday, October 16, 2015


It started with a strange flash, and Victor felt like his body was all twisted up. Then there were more flashes, and he soon discovered he was in front of a crowd, many of whom were taking photos. He soon discovered that he was in the body of a woman in a tangled pose. And there were reporters around him taking all sorts of pictures. He began to ask questions. The answers came slowly, but he soon found out he was one of many victims of the Great Shift. He had swapped bodies with a woman who was at the center of attention at a yoga festival. The reporters, who had been doing stories on the festival, mostly decided to change their focus on the spot to the Great Shift, not letting their new bodies distract them. Victor wished he could say the same thing about himself and his new body, but there was something absolutely distracting about the gorgeous womanly body he now had.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Power (Part 2)

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Harris started making his way around the fence, finding it very difficult to walk in heels and very distracting to have long hair being blown by the wind getting in his face. It had taken him about an hour so far, and he realized he hadn’t even gotten very far. Even worse, the path to get across to the other side was blocked. He began to think that maybe he should just go back to where he started and wait. It seemed very possible that the woman he swapped with was going to do the same thing he was trying and walk over. And, of course, if she never came, he might have to simply accept the possibility that this was going to be his new body. Even if she did, he didn’t know how to make the power lines swap them back. He turned around to head back; maybe this would be a better body for him any way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Large power lines ran not far from Harris’s house. A large fence that went for miles around them blocked anyone from getting too close, but Harris still enjoyed walking around there for some reason. He often thought about why these particular lines were fenced off with so much distance; one day he found out just how dangerous they could be. His face was pressed up close to the fence, trying to get a good look when a bolt shot from one of the lines and zapped him. He was out cold.

As he reawoke and stood up, he felt shaky. He looked around, and he noticed at first that he was on the clear other side of the small hill where the line’s towers stood. And the next thing he noticed that he was no longer in his own body! The zap must have swapped him with someone else walking nearby. He guessed the best course of action would be to walk around and find his own body, but it was going to be a long walk around. With an unfamiliar body, it was going to be a very awkward trip!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dorm (Part 3)

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Click here for Part 2.

Even after college, the boys remained close. They stayed in touch and were sure to get together at least once a year. They each talked about their highly successful jobs, a few mentioned boyfriends, one even let loose about a wonderful husband. They each still had a wild side, but due to career demands, they found themselves returning to a conservative dress style. The Shift may have shook up their lives, but they each decided they wouldn’t have changed it if they could. They were happy with who they became, who they’d become after that.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Dorm (Part 2)

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By junior year, the boys had all gotten very comfortable with their bodies, and they managed to shred the conservative image that had followed them for a while simply for being in the bodies they were now in. It was weird how people had expectations for everyone to be like the bodies they ended up with instead of who they really were; it was quite a common expectation after the Shift. In addition, the boys also all became quite good friends. They hung out together all the time, and they even ended up all pledging the same sorority (the one that these bodies had belonged to before the Shift). This, of course, also helped change the image of the sorority. Of course, a few of the members had hoped they could reign in their former bodies, but they were far from successful. The boys now loved their bodies, and they loved showing them off in tight or revealing clothing.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dorm (Part 1)

Each of the six boys were just starting to settle in to their dorm on campus when the Great Shift struck. Suddenly, they found themselves in a Greek house, having swapped bodies with members of an all-Asian sorority. As they talked to each other, they soon discovered that they all had been swapped. None of them were happy about being women, and the sorority didn’t exactly have a cool reputation. Most of the women were thought of as conservative and a little prudish. This was reflected when the boys thought about changing clothes. In the closets, they didn’t find any pants or jeans, but only skirts and dresses. The boys’ collective groan could’ve probably been heard for a block.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pros and Cons

Instead of panicking after the Great Shift hit, Rick tried to do an inventory of the pros and cons of being in a different body. Being younger and more in shape, those were both pros. He wasn’t sure whether to put being a woman into the pro or con category. The biggest con was that he had no idea who he now was. Of course, he decided that he could easily do something about this. The woman was carrying a purse; that seemed like a big pro as it likely contained a lot of information. However, he never imagined how much crap a woman could keep in one of these; he decided to add that to the con category. It took a while, but he finally found her license, a set of keys, and a smartphone. She had gotten a lot of calls in the short time since the Shift, but the ringer had apparently been on mute. He thought about calling his own number, but her phone was locked and he had no idea what her password could be -- clearly a con.

Friday, October 9, 2015


Ron knew he probably should’ve been more suspicious when Lin offered him a cup of tea. Her mixture of interests in practicing magic and being a prankster often resulted in some strange situations. But even given that, how would he have ever imagined she’d cook up a body swapping potion? She had taken a small sip just before handing it to him. When he took a sip of his own, the magic happened. Suddenly, she was in his body and he was in her. She quickly ran out the door. Ron realized he was in no condition to chase after her, given the dress and shoes Lin had chosen to wear today. He sighed as he looked down at the tea. It was probably all part of her prank. He didn’t even want to think of what she was doing to embarrass him while she was in his body. But as he thought about it, maybe he could get the last laugh. She’d probably need to make him drink the tea again in order to swap back. What if he refused? Sure, he’d be stuck in Lin’s body, but she’d also be stuck in his -- and have to deal with whatever mess she was causing now. He was thinking he was finally going to turn the tables on her for once.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Out of Body Experience

Max was trying very hard to relax and remember what he had learned in that stupid yoga class his girlfriend had dragged him to. He hadn’t even wanted to go, and he hated it at first. But near the end of class, they did this meditation thing that he started to really enjoy. As the instructor guided, Max felt like he spirit was floating outside of his body. It wasn’t until they were all guided back that he found that was literally what had happened, and unfortunately his spirit had landed on the body of someone else in class. He was shocked to be in the body of a woman. He tried to explain to his girlfriend who he really was, but she was panicked as she leaned over his former spiritless body. He didn’t know what to do at first. Mindlessly, he found the woman’s locker out of instinct and changed into her pink dress. He wandered around for several hours before coming up with a plan. If meditation had gotten him into this body, meditation could gey him out. He sat down right where he was, trying to duplicate his original out of body experience.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Early Retirement

Finding that weird Medallion a decade ago turned out to be a pretty good deal for Dave. His life had taken a sharp downturn after acing his freshmen core classes. He had just barely earned his diploma. But this Medallion would give him a chance to shine again. At the start of each year, he’d find an incoming student who was desperate and rich enough to switch bodies with him for the year. He’d do well in their core classes and switch back at before the summer started. He’d charge a hefty fee for this service, enjoy cafeteria food and dorm living, and even squeeze extra cash from the parents of the people he swapped with. For the first time this year, the person requesting his services was a woman. Being Sarah was certainly an interesting and different exprience. He would show up to her classes and sit in the back, knowing this stuff by heart at this point, he knew he didn’t actually have to pay attention. Instead, he did some math on a notepad, figuring out that with the money he earned this year, he may be able to retire once he switched back. “Not a bad deal,” He thought as he leaned back in his seat.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Be Kind Rewind

Jim had rewound the video several times over. It showed the last few moments of him being in his own body before he switched with Helen. He was hoping he’d see something that would tell him how she managed to do this. If he could figure it out, he might be able to figure out a way to reverse it. But there didn’t seem to be any clues. One minute he was standing there next to her, then the swap happened without a beat dropping. He rewound yet again. What was he missing?

Monday, October 5, 2015


The remote had already given Todd hours of entertainment. When he first found it, he had pointed at his girlfriend, and pressed a button. In the oddest of twists, he found himself in her body, and she was in his. She started screaming. Finding a pause button, he managed to freeze her in place. For a while, he was content to keep using the thing to switch people’s bodies, causing a bit of chaos downtown. But when he returned home, things got really interesting. By pressing a few other buttons, he turned his old, small TV into a gigantic new HD model. He was able to upgrade just about everything he owned. He soon realized there was very little this remote couldn’t do. In fact, he was so distracted by the possibilities, he had completely forgotten that he was still in his girlfriend’s body and that she was still frozen in his body upstairs.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


“Well,” Thought Ben, “It seems as though I will have Pamela’s body at least until the spring thaw.”

After the two had used the Medallion of Zulu to swap bodies last night, she had dropped it into a small pond. Neither expected the freak snowstorm that happened soon after. They awoke to a winter wonderland...and found a very frozen pond. Ben could see a bright shimmer of the medallion shining through the ice, but it was still pretty deep under there. He really didn’t mind. He had enjoyed being Pamela thus far, and he was sure he’d continue to enjoy her body for the next few months. Pamela, on the other hand, was a bit less happy with the predicament. Ben watched as she attempted to break the ice to get the medallion out, to no avail.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Out of There

Hunter had no clue how he ended up in someone else’s body, but he assessed the situation quickly. He appeared to be naked in a bed in a scummy hotel room. The water in the shower was running. He saw a pile of clothes and woman’s belongings on the floor. He put on the clothes as quickly as possible, grabbed the items, and rushed out the door. He decided that he could figure out whose body he was in later. His more immediate concern was getting away from that person taking a shower. They probably knew whoever he was, and he was sure if he told the truth, they’d think he was crazy. He wasn’t sure he could lie and put on some sort of act to pretend to be this stranger. And if he was naked, what if that person was this woman’s boyfriend? Or her husband? Who knows what they were about to do? Or what they may have just done? Of course, he wasn’t quite sure where he was going to go at this point; he was just glad to be out of there.

Friday, October 2, 2015


Lucas knew he’d have to leave the house eventually, but it wasn’t something he planned on doing any time soon. He was quite unhappy when the Great Shift swapped his body with his sister. He didn’t like being a woman; he didn’t like wearing her clothes either. He went through her jeans first, but she only owned two pairs. Most everything else in her closet was shirts and dresses. But he found another pair of pants in the back. They were shiny and sort of weird, but still seemed preferable to a skirt. He felt stupid as he sulked on the couch. He just wanted someone to find a way to reverse this whole body swapping mess.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Adam had been hesitant when his ex, Heather, invited him out for lunch. He didn’t want to go, but he had done such a bad job when he broke up with her, he figured he owed it to her. The first ten minutes were awkward, as they just stared at each other without saying a word. Then Heather spoke up and started talking about her ulterior motives for inviting Adam out. The next thing Adam knew, he was looking at himself. He looked down to see Heather’s chest and low cut top. He reached a hand up and felt how smooth his cheek was. There was no mistaking what had happened, he had swapped bodies with Heather! She smiled back from his body, telling him that there was no way they would ever be apart now, no matter what he did. Adam had broken up with her because he thought she was a little crazy, but she had no idea that she was THIS crazy!