Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Early Retirement

Finding that weird Medallion a decade ago turned out to be a pretty good deal for Dave. His life had taken a sharp downturn after acing his freshmen core classes. He had just barely earned his diploma. But this Medallion would give him a chance to shine again. At the start of each year, he’d find an incoming student who was desperate and rich enough to switch bodies with him for the year. He’d do well in their core classes and switch back at before the summer started. He’d charge a hefty fee for this service, enjoy cafeteria food and dorm living, and even squeeze extra cash from the parents of the people he swapped with. For the first time this year, the person requesting his services was a woman. Being Sarah was certainly an interesting and different exprience. He would show up to her classes and sit in the back, knowing this stuff by heart at this point, he knew he didn’t actually have to pay attention. Instead, he did some math on a notepad, figuring out that with the money he earned this year, he may be able to retire once he switched back. “Not a bad deal,” He thought as he leaned back in his seat.

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