Friday, October 30, 2015

Uncontrollable Urge

Rodrigo kept telling himself that just because he had swapped bodies with Claire, it didn’t mean anything. He was still himself on the inside, and when they figured out how to swap back, everything would be back to normal. However, he kept having odd feelings that he couldn’t explain. When he walked past a shoe store, he couldn’t help but peek in. He started to think how cute the shoes on display were, how good they’d look on his feet after a quick pedicure, and how much he wanted to buy them. He had to snap himself back. What was he thinking? Why was he so obsessed with shoes? They didn’t seem like his own thoughts at all; they seemed more like...well, more like Claire’s. He wondered if being in her body was having some sort of effect on him, or if there were residual parts of her left behind. Either way, he knew he had to swap back as soon as possible. Yet before setting off to switch back, he turned to the shoes once more. It couldn’t hurt to take just a little time to try them on, could it? Just to see how they looked. Despite his better judgment, he soon found himself going into the store to have a look around and try a few things on...

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  1. ROFLOL! sper use of pic. Poor guy. His mind is gone forever