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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Exchange Rate

Marc had seen the ads offering a lot of money to switch bodies with someone. Considering how much debt he was in, he started to seriously think about it until one day, he decided to go for it. Once he arrived at the center, it seemed all the bodies he could swap with were foreign females. He didn’t really question much about this, but instead kept his eye on the figure with a whole bunch of zeroes. He swallowed deeply, before picking the body he’d be stuck with for the rest of his life. He selected a cute, young Asian woman. Some of the other bodies paid much more, but they were often old. Soon he was lead to another room where he was hooked into a machine. It was turned on once Marc was settled in. An instant later, he found himself in a similar room thousands of miles far away. Sure enough, he had the body of the woman he had selected. He was paid the promised money and he was off on his way. He certainly felt rich...that is, until he was realized the money he was paid in amounted to only about one hundred dollars thanks to the exchange rate.

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