Thursday, October 29, 2015

Memories (Part 2)

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Brenda stopped for a second. She shouldn’t feel this weird about walking home. Then again, she shouldn’t feel so weird any time she thought of herself as “Brenda.” All her memories were telling her she was “Sal.” Heck, all of those memories were telling her that she was a “he.” What did she know about being a pre-med major? Or even about being a young woman? She thought briefly about running back to Sal’s home, to Sal’s wife. Then she realized Sal himself was going back there...even though he was probably thinking of himself as Brenda, having a similar existential crisis. She chuckled to herself as she thought about that. She clearly had Sal’s memory of not telling his wife about any of this. If she was going to have a bad week as Brenda with only the memories of Sal, she was sure Sal was going to have an even worse one as Sal with only the memories of Brenda. Suddenly, she didn’t think this was going to be that bad. She looked around; she lived right around here, didn’t she?

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