Friday, October 16, 2015


It started with a strange flash, and Victor felt like his body was all twisted up. Then there were more flashes, and he soon discovered he was in front of a crowd, many of whom were taking photos. He soon discovered that he was in the body of a woman in a tangled pose. And there were reporters around him taking all sorts of pictures. He began to ask questions. The answers came slowly, but he soon found out he was one of many victims of the Great Shift. He had swapped bodies with a woman who was at the center of attention at a yoga festival. The reporters, who had been doing stories on the festival, mostly decided to change their focus on the spot to the Great Shift, not letting their new bodies distract them. Victor wished he could say the same thing about himself and his new body, but there was something absolutely distracting about the gorgeous womanly body he now had.

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