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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Power (Part 2)

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Harris started making his way around the fence, finding it very difficult to walk in heels and very distracting to have long hair being blown by the wind getting in his face. It had taken him about an hour so far, and he realized he hadn’t even gotten very far. Even worse, the path to get across to the other side was blocked. He began to think that maybe he should just go back to where he started and wait. It seemed very possible that the woman he swapped with was going to do the same thing he was trying and walk over. And, of course, if she never came, he might have to simply accept the possibility that this was going to be his new body. Even if she did, he didn’t know how to make the power lines swap them back. He turned around to head back; maybe this would be a better body for him any way.

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