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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Long Talk with Mom

“,” Theodore said flatly as he sat in the car and looked over to his wife in the driver’s seat, realizing they had switched bodies, “I told you that your mom was a witch, and now she’s switched our bodies!”

“Stop calling my mom a witch! Plus, you have no proof this is on her.”

“We leave her to babysit the kids and she says some strange incantation on the way out the door. And the next thing we know, we’ve switched bodies.”

“She was just saying goodbye in..uh..Italian, I think.”

“Stop living in denial. She’s a witch! She was sick of arguing and now she’s done...this! I love you, honey. I know we fight, but I love you...but I do NOT want to be you. You need to go in and talk with your mom NOW.”

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


“If you don’t come back here, I’ll never let you swap back to your own body.”

It was a threat that Henry had heard so many times over the past three weeks, ever since Lauren had first stolen his body. It worked for a while; he’d come back hoping she’d swap back with him soon. It never happened. And this time, he just kept walking. He knew she was never going to swap back with him. He knew he was going to be stuck in her body forever, but that didn’t mean that he had to be her slave. He didn’t have to follow every single explicit command. No, he could still be his own person. He just had to accept that person was this body now..

Monday, August 29, 2016


Brian looked across to the neighboring high rise. He knew Amber was going to be shocked when she woke. He was looking forward to seeing her reaction when he realized she now had his body. In fact, she seemed more than shocked. She seemed angry, annoyed, and upset. And watching every minute of it was pure enjoyment for Brian. She deserved it for the way she treated people. Now he was the one in Amber’s body, the body of the daughter of a rich CEO. And she was in his body, the body of a lowly factory worker. It all seemed like such justice...

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Jeff had spent all day in that chair. It was eerie; he looked EXACTLY like Eve. He wasn’t even sure how they were able to do this, but he was quite impressed. Of course, this was just the first part of his plan. Tonight, he’d go out on the town and ruin her reputation. It seemed like some well deserved revenge after she dumped him. Of course, he’d come to regret his actions the next morning, when he’d find none of the makeup he had worn to disguise himself as Eve would come off. He’d be stuck as her -- or at least a copy of her.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tourist (Part 5)

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After several hours of walking toward and away from the temple, Evan had a comprehensive view of his new life. He was a businesswoman who worked in the center of town. He could name each and every employee who worked under him. He knew all about the rich man he was dating; he could recall almost every detail of their recent dates. Despite all this, he still knew he was really Evan; he knew every bit of his own past as well. The new information did not replace anything about who he once was. It all just seemed like vital information he needed to get by with this new body -- even when those details seemed minor. It all seemed geared to dismiss that feeling of worry. In fact, as he wandered quite some ways from the temple now, he found that there wasn’t much he had to worry about with this new body. He knew where she lived; he knew he could handle her job; he even knew her boyfriend’s likes and dislikes. There was just one small acknowledgement that he needed to make...that “he” wasn’t a “he” any longer; she was now a she!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Tourist (Part 4)

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For the next few hours, Evan found himself stuck in a strange cycle. Being close to the temple would fill him with confidence and contentment. He’d be convinced he could live his new life, and start to make his way outward. But as he ventured out too far, the content feeling would fade. A sense of worry would overcome him, he’d want his body back, and he’d head back to the temple. But as he got closer, the feeling of confidence would return. He’d feel like he never wanted to go back to his old body; a piece of knowledge about being a woman or this body’s life would pop into his head. He’d once again feel like he could live this life and he’d head back out until he got far enough out and the worry would set back in. Even at the happiest points, Evan knew the cycle didn’t make much sense. How could he live someone else’s life? But what he didn’t quite realize was that with each cycle, he was able to get further and further away...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tourist (Part 3)

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Evan resigned himself to the reality that he might never see his own body ever again, but if for some reason the woman he now was wanted her body back, he felt the need to stick around and offer if she came up to him and asked. The longer he stood near the temple, the more he felt a familiar sensation.

It wasn’t exactly like the feeling of euphoria that came over him when he entered the temple, though there was a certain similarity. This was much milder; it was more like a simple feeling of contentment and acceptance.

The feeling told him that the woman wasn’t going to come looking for her body, but it also told him that was okay. He could handle being a woman -- being this woman. And, hey, if he wanted to mix things up and try a new life, he could always come back in a week, or a year, or maybe never.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tourist (Part 2)

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Evan looked around to try to find his own body, but it seemed to be nowhere in sight. If he ended up in the body of the person behind him, it made sense that the person in front of him ended up in his body, which was the old man. Evan realized the guy had lied about the temple being a tourist spot. It seemed that the old man also didn’t have his eye on Evan’s camera; he had his eye on Evan’s entire body!

it made a lot of sense that the old man would try to trick him. Who wouldn’t want to be young again? And whoever was in front of the old man might’ve been duped just like Evan had been. But he began to wonder about the woman he now was. She hadn’t said a word while in line. Surely she knew this would happen, right? Maybe it wasn’t even her body; maybe she was going around for a second time, hoping for something better. Evan was considering going that route himself; he didn’t exactly want to be a woman! Maybe she was trying to escape from something or someone; the thought that they’d now be looking for Evan instead gave him a most unsettled feeling.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tourist (Part 1)

The large temple wasn’t on any of Evan’s tourist maps, but the long line outside certainly piqued his interest. He stood in line behind an elderly man who seemed to smile when Evan got in line behind him. When Evan asked about the temple, the old man smiled even larger. He eyed Evan’s camera and maps and said that the temple was one of the best tourist sites in the city but that he didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Evan got a little excited, but clutched his camera a little tighter as he got the odd impression that the old man wanted to rob him. The line moved slowly as a woman in red got in line behind Evan, and a few more people got behind her. He noticed some people shuffling their positions from time to time.

It all seemed very strange, but after a long wait, Evan was in front of the line. He awaited to be let in. Upon first entering, he did feel a moment of pure euphoria, like a floating bliss. But it quickly diminished and he realized he stood in a rather unremarkable room that people left almost as son as they came. Evan felt disappointed. He looked back as he left; at least it was beautiful from the outside. He reached for his camera to discover that it was missing. But it wasn’t just his camera that was gone; his whole body had gone missing! When he looked down, he instead appeared to be inside the body of the woman in red who had been standing behind him.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Decisions, Decisions!

The first thing that Evan did after it happened was look down. He wasn’t sure why it happened or how, but for some reason he now had Liz’s body. He wasn’t sure if this was going to be for a short amount of time or for a long time, but he decided he wasn’t going to waste this once in a lifetime opportunity. There were so many things he could experience now that he was a woman; how would the world treat him differently? It would be a very interesting social experience to just go outside. But then again, just staying inside and exploring his differing biology might be equally compelling. Oh, decisions, decisions!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


It was all a little hard for Greg to believe. A weird jolt had struck the pool as he was swimming, and it had the odd effect of swapping people’s bodies. Most others swapped with another person swimming, but Greg swapped with a woman who was sitting by the pool. He couldn’t believe how many layers she was wearing on such a warm summer’s day! He felt sweltering in the leather pants and fur coat. He couldn’t imagine why she chose to dress this way this morning.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Dr. Malcolm Koons always considered himself a genius, but he had really outdone himself this time. His latest invention could swap the brain from one person’s head and put it inside of another person’s body. Unfortunately, for his test run, he managed to place his brain inside the body of his neighbor’s college-aged daughter. Not wanting to reveal his invention to her family, he kept up appearances by attending her classes. Even the so-called “advanced” ones seemed so remedial to him. He found himself bored and skipping class. He just wanted to sneak back to his own house to fix his machine, but he just seemed stuck at campus all the time. However, as time wore on, Malcolm could tell he was feeling the effects of being in a women’s body. He’d sit on benches and gaze at some of the men on campus, finding himself quite interested. The effects of being body swapped would be a quite interesting study -- if he wasn’t the one who had been swapped!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Trailer Park

As soon as it happened, Dwayne rushed back to his trailer to see his maw, paw, and brother. It seemed that whatever had affected him had done the same to his entire family. Dwayne guessed that they were supermodels, but they could’ve easily just been four attractive women. Did they swap bodies? That didn’t seem to make sense; Dwayne never saw women this beautiful around these parts. Did they all just somehow transform into other people? That didn’t make a heck of a lot of sense either. And why did their clothes transform as well? He wasn’t sure he was comfortable with the idea of being a woman. His mom certainly didn’t mind being beautiful and young. He figured his dad and brother wouldn’t be happy either, but he swore he could see them crack a few smiles as they checked themselves out.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Private Plane

Keiko adjusted the cufflinks before taking a deep breath, “I’m not sure I can do this, Mr. Phelps.”

Anthony Phelps let out a sigh of his own before giving his reply, “I don’t know how we swapped bodies while going through that turbulence up there, Keiko, but if I don’t show up to that investors’ meeting, my company is sunk. Thousands of people will be out of jobs. They shouldn’t ask any questions, just repeat what we practiced. Once it’s over, come right back to the private plane. We’ll fly a direct reverse course and hopefully hit the phenomenon again in reverse. Hopefully, then we’ll swap back.”

“But what if I mess up the speech? What if we don’t swap back on the return trip?”

“You’ll do fine. You can pull of being me; I’m sure of it. And if we don’t swap back, then you’re just going to have to get used to giving more speeches that we practice together...”

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

That's Just the Way It Works

Mick had been so happy to swap bodies with Carli after she got out his cab. He had hated his time behind the wheel of the magic taxi. After the swap, he was so glad to put that time behind him. He didn’t expect the shout from behind him two days later. When he turned around, he was surprised to see the body of the cab driver with a rather displeased look.

“How’d you find me?” Mick asked nervously.

“You have my life,” Carli grumbled from the cab driver’s body, “I know where I live; I know where I work; I know my schedule. You could’ve at least tried to do something different to throw me off.”

“You aren’t supposed to follow me.” “Who said? Now give me my body back.”

“Didn’t you read the journal?” Mick asked, “There’s no going back. People have tried; it’s never worked. Even if I got in the back of that cab again right now; it wouldn’t work. Face it, I’m you now. You’ll just have to find someone else to be; continue the curse of that cab. That’s just the way it works.”

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


After swapping bodies with Darlene, Frank knew he would be stuck for a few days before it could be reversed. He didn’t think it would be so bad; boy, was he wrong!

He avoided wearing high heels, but even the flats were uncomfortable on his feet. He needed to maintain professionalism at her job, so he continued to wear a tie, but she didn’t have any dress pants so he had to wear a skirt. That also meant he didn’t have pockets, so he’d have to carry a purse as well. He found out that even a “natural look” meant a lot of makeup. Long hair was annoying too.

After only a few hours, he was longing to be back in his own body, but he knew he would be stuck for a few more days.

Monday, August 15, 2016


“Didn’t you think it was suspicious that you booked our business trip on an airline that you never heard of before?” Greg asked his assistant, Larry.

“If I don’t pick the cheapest option, HR refuses to reimburse. Plus, how was I supposed to know that the airline was some sort of weird front that would take our bodies, swap our brains into clones of their one stewardess, and then forces us to work for them.”

“When we get back to our own bodies, you are so fired...”

“Well, we aren’t in our own bodies anymore. In fact, we might never get our bodies back. And until that time, you aren’t my boss either!” Larry protested as he tugged on the hem of his skirt, “And I can actually see a bright side of this! Did you look at the guide they gave us? I’ll actually be making more now than what I made as your assistant.”

Greg gave Larry a look. “This wasn’t an accident at all, was it?” Greg accused, “You planned this didn’t you?”

Larry didn’t answer, but a slight smile grazed his lips before he returned to an otherwise stoic face.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Research (Part 2)

After a few more days of digging through books, Owen finally had a brainstorm. Maybe books weren’t the answers; maybe he could find a solution online. Sure enough, checking Patty’s iPad, he found a link that was bookmarked entitled “magic spells.” On the list was a body swapping spell; however, it had a warning as a footnote stating that once cast between two people, those two people could never swap back. At first he was a bit upset, but then he realized he now had a body swapping spell. He couldn’t go back to his own body, but he didn’t have to stay as Patty either. In fact, he could choose to become just about anyone he wanted. The possibilities were truly endless...

Saturday, August 13, 2016


For the past two days, Owen had been searching through every book in the library that he thought would help. After all, Patty had done something that caused him to swap bodies with her; he figured that it must be in a book somewhere. She was a bit of a nerd, and her nose always seemed to be buried in one. However, despite his best efforts, he wasn’t finding anything. If he couldn’t figure out how she did this, then he couldn’t figure out how to undo it, and then he’d be stuck in her body forever!

Friday, August 12, 2016


With her own car stuck in the snow, Ariel thought it might be best to catch a cab in order to get into the city for work. A few blocks from the office, the cab got stuck as well, spinning it’s wheels on the ice below. Ariel sighed. Thinking she could walk from here, she asked to be let out. The cab driver nodded before wishing she have a nice day. The next thing Ariel knew, she was back in the cab, only now she was behind the wheel. She felt compelled to drive away even though she didn’t want to. The ice under the wheels made that impossible. The wheels kept spinning, but the cab was stuck. Still, she kept trying. All the while, she could see her body out the window with a big, dumb grin on it’s face. She wanted nothing more than to get out of the cab and confront the person now in her body, but she seemed unable to leave the cab. Gus, for his part, was just happy not to be stuck in the body of the cab driver any longer. He knew he should probably get going, but also knew that it might be tricky walking on the ice while getting used to having Ariel’s body at the same time. Being a woman wouldn’t have been his first choice, but when the magic taxi decides you’ve been driving long enough, it will find a way to get you out...

Thursday, August 11, 2016


“What the heck, Kelly?” Tyler screamed.

“I’m sorry,” Kelly explained, “But my boobs were crooked.”

“They’re not yours anymore! Not since the Great Shift swapped me into your body! You can’t just go around grabbing me like that! You need to let go of every little thing that I may do wrong with your body. I know it’s hard to accept, but it’s my body now!”

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


It had been two months...two long months...since the Great Shift, since Kenny found himself in Amanda’s body, since he last had a fast food burger. He had listened to her at first, about her strict diet. But he missed the taste, he missed the joy. He finally caved in and bought some. He loved sinking his teeth into that fast food; it was just as good as he remembered. Sure, Amanda would be pissed off if she found out, but he didn’t care. There didn’t seem to be any chance of anyone figuring out a way to reverse this body swapping thing, so that meant this was his body now. He could do what he wanted to with it. If that meant he was going to eat fast food, then he was going to eat fast food!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Localized (Part 3)

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Despite the beach being closed, the red flags, and the numerous warnings about the water being unsafe to swim in, there were a few visitors still thought to sneak in for a dip, such as Michelle and her boyfriend, Paul. After swapping bodies from the neck down, Paul was horrified. He wanted to get right back in the water with the hope that it would swap them back. Michelle, on the other hand, was slightly more curious. Using the muscles she now had, she simply lifted Paul up off his feet and began to drag him off the beach. Paul knew that there was little he could do. He knew how strong he was...or how strong he had been. He wasn’t enjoying being the weak one for a change. Michelle was having the time of her life, however. She wasn’t sure she ever wanted to switch back.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Localized (Part 2)

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Maxine and Tony finished putting red flags all over the beach. The final orange flag that needed to be replaced with a red one was in the lifeguard tower.

Tony grumbled, “I can’t believe how short you are! I have to climb up on the railing just to change this flag!”

Maxine wasn’t listening. After walking around with Tony’s body below her neck, she just felt so strong. “These muscles are so big...” She muttered to herself.

Tony smirked, “I always thought you liked them. Tell you what. If you want to hit up the gym for a few hours, I won’t be upset. You can give ‘em a good push and see just what I can do.”

“You mean it?” “Sure. I think I’m man enough to stand being a woman for a few hours. Maybe I’ll go buy a stupid dress or something.”

Maxine smiled, “You might need a wig to pull it off...and a closer shave...ooooh! And some makeup!”

Tony rolled his eyes. Didn’t she have any idea he was being sarcastic?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Localized (Part 1)

“There is no way we can open the beach today.” Tony sighed.

“Not a chance.” Maxine assured him.

“Such a shame. The water LOOKS so calm.”

“I wouldn’t describe waves ripping your head off only to have it slammed atop your fellow lifeguard’s body as calm.”

“I’m not exactly happy with my head atop your body either, but when you look at them...they just don’t seem capable of doing what they did to us. I blame the runoff from the weird industrial plant upstream.”

“Whatever caused it, we better take the orange flags down and get the red ones up. No one is swimming around here today. How widespread do you think this phenomenon is?”

Tony sighed, “I have no idea, but I sure HOPE it’s localized.”

Saturday, August 6, 2016


It wasn’t uncommon for Jerry to rush over to the computing department once Kevin called him to explain a new script of code he had written. The guy was a genius and just about everything was incredibly impressive. Today Kevin was showing off a code that could swap two people’s bodies. Jerry was skeptical. Kevin sensed this and told him that he could prove the code, if Jerry was willing to volunteer. Of course, since Kevin had to run the code, Jerry would have to switch with a third party. Kevin input a few variables and told Jerry it was all set.

A few moments later, Jerry realized he should have asked Kevin a few more questions about who Kevin had planned to swap him with. Jerry now stood in a campus building directly across the quad from Kevin’s computing lab, but he wasn’t exactly comfortable with this new body. Kevin had swapped him into the body of a woman! His balance felt off, the heels were quite obnoxious, and he felt like every guy walking by was staring at him. He needed to get back over and demand that Kevin swap him!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Not Until It's Over

After driving that damned taxi every day for the past two weeks, Jake figured he deserved a break. He knew what the taxi could do, so he waited for the perfect passenger. That’s when he saw her at the curb with a bunch of suitcases. When she asked to go to the airport, he knew she was the right one. He asked a few questions about where she was going and her plans. She answered a little reluctantly; it seemed she wasn’t interested in having a conversation with a cab driver. Jake didn’t care. She smiled when he dropped her off, wishing her a nice day. The next thing he knew, he was in her body. He smiled devilishly as he looked at the face he had for two weeks before his own life had been taken from him by the previous driver. He tried not to feel too guilty. After all, Jake felt like he deserved this vacation. It was going to be a great month in a great body. He hadn’t actually thought much beyond that. Once the vacation was over, what sort of job would he have? in hindsight, he realized that he probably should’ve asked these sorts of questions as well. But he wasn’t going to even think about any of that until vacation was over.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Until Spring

The hike was so much easier a month ago before the winter had started. It had also been easier for Steve when he had made the trek with his own body. Of course, that was the magic of the temple. It swapped people’s body every full moon. Steve had been enticed by the legends and quite excited about the initial journey. The hilltop where the temple sat was beautiful, which was only compounded when he found himself swapped with Yumi. another visitor. He actually had a lot of fun as a woman for the month, but he was beginning to see a downside. She just didn’t seem that physically fit. He wondered how she made it the top the first time; he questioned if he was going to be able to make it back. If he couldn’t, he’d be stuck in her body, wouldn’t it? Then again, even if he did make it, would there be any guarantee they she would? Or that if they swapped again, would they swap back to their own bodies. He turned back to his friend Mike, who swapped with a woman named Lim to say he wasn’t going to be able to continue. Mike admitted he might have to give up as least until spring.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


With the effects of the Great Shift now three weeks in the past, Maria wasn’t having a hard time with her body. She was actually enjoying the experience of being a man. However, she was having a hard time seeing how Mack acted now that he was in her body. She initially taught him about makeup and how to choose clothing. It was a pretty good start, and he picked it up rather quickly. Some things he didn’t pick up nearly as well. She kept having to explain that he shouldn’t slouch and that he needed to keep his knees together when he sat. She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed when he manspread when sitting down. She knew it was a force of habit for him, but it was a habit she was going to insist that he break.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Mike needed a break. He still couldn’t believe how amazingly fit this body was, but he needed to push it just a little harder. The distance between her office and her home was ten miles. He wanted to be able to make that without breaking a sweat. After all, it was the cab ride she had taken home from the office that night which resulted in him swapping into this great body in the first place. He had been stuck in that driver’s body for week. At the time, he knew he’d be able to swap bodies with someone (just as the previous person stuck in the driver’s body had swapped with him), but he had never even considered being a woman. But something about her told him it would be okay.

He was right.

He couldn’t explain why, but he ended up loving being a woman. Her body just felt so amazing. Plus, she made a lot of money working in finance; the only downsides were those late nights. He didn’t want to risk ever taking another cab again. The odds seemed low that he’d ever encounter another cab that could swap people’s bodies, but he didn’t want to chance it. The trains and buses stopped running at midnight. That meant the only other option was running. He knew there might be some danger for a woman running alone so late, which is why he wanted to be prepared. He didn’t want to have to stop or even slow down. He knew he could outrun anyone. Especially if that person was the woman whose body he had stolen now swapped into a new body of her own...

Monday, August 1, 2016

Gamer (Part 7)

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After a few days, Jason realized that he wasn’t really adjusting to being a video game character, it was actually a much bigger deal to adjust to being a woman. Shopping had been quite eye-opening. Things were more expensive (he wasn’t able to afford as much as he wanted), styles were much more varied (he had a hard time choosing), and he also had to deal with a few creepy guys. In fact, a weird guy probably tried to hit on him every day. He knew he had the ability to put any of them in a coma with one swift kick, but he stopped himself from being too violent. He knew he would have to adjust.

And on another note, while he had been at the mall, he went into the video game store. He asked about purchasing a copy of Street Fighter as he didn’t see it on the shelf. The clerk seemed to have no clue and told Jason that he had never heard of such a game...