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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tourist (Part 5)

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After several hours of walking toward and away from the temple, Evan had a comprehensive view of his new life. He was a businesswoman who worked in the center of town. He could name each and every employee who worked under him. He knew all about the rich man he was dating; he could recall almost every detail of their recent dates. Despite all this, he still knew he was really Evan; he knew every bit of his own past as well. The new information did not replace anything about who he once was. It all just seemed like vital information he needed to get by with this new body -- even when those details seemed minor. It all seemed geared to dismiss that feeling of worry. In fact, as he wandered quite some ways from the temple now, he found that there wasn’t much he had to worry about with this new body. He knew where she lived; he knew he could handle her job; he even knew her boyfriend’s likes and dislikes. There was just one small acknowledgement that he needed to make...that “he” wasn’t a “he” any longer; she was now a she!

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