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Monday, August 15, 2016


“Didn’t you think it was suspicious that you booked our business trip on an airline that you never heard of before?” Greg asked his assistant, Larry.

“If I don’t pick the cheapest option, HR refuses to reimburse. Plus, how was I supposed to know that the airline was some sort of weird front that would take our bodies, swap our brains into clones of their one stewardess, and then forces us to work for them.”

“When we get back to our own bodies, you are so fired...”

“Well, we aren’t in our own bodies anymore. In fact, we might never get our bodies back. And until that time, you aren’t my boss either!” Larry protested as he tugged on the hem of his skirt, “And I can actually see a bright side of this! Did you look at the guide they gave us? I’ll actually be making more now than what I made as your assistant.”

Greg gave Larry a look. “This wasn’t an accident at all, was it?” Greg accused, “You planned this didn’t you?”

Larry didn’t answer, but a slight smile grazed his lips before he returned to an otherwise stoic face.

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