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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tourist (Part 3)

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Evan resigned himself to the reality that he might never see his own body ever again, but if for some reason the woman he now was wanted her body back, he felt the need to stick around and offer if she came up to him and asked. The longer he stood near the temple, the more he felt a familiar sensation.

It wasn’t exactly like the feeling of euphoria that came over him when he entered the temple, though there was a certain similarity. This was much milder; it was more like a simple feeling of contentment and acceptance.

The feeling told him that the woman wasn’t going to come looking for her body, but it also told him that was okay. He could handle being a woman -- being this woman. And, hey, if he wanted to mix things up and try a new life, he could always come back in a week, or a year, or maybe never.

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