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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tourist (Part 2)

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Evan looked around to try to find his own body, but it seemed to be nowhere in sight. If he ended up in the body of the person behind him, it made sense that the person in front of him ended up in his body, which was the old man. Evan realized the guy had lied about the temple being a tourist spot. It seemed that the old man also didn’t have his eye on Evan’s camera; he had his eye on Evan’s entire body!

it made a lot of sense that the old man would try to trick him. Who wouldn’t want to be young again? And whoever was in front of the old man might’ve been duped just like Evan had been. But he began to wonder about the woman he now was. She hadn’t said a word while in line. Surely she knew this would happen, right? Maybe it wasn’t even her body; maybe she was going around for a second time, hoping for something better. Evan was considering going that route himself; he didn’t exactly want to be a woman! Maybe she was trying to escape from something or someone; the thought that they’d now be looking for Evan instead gave him a most unsettled feeling.

1 comment:

  1. excellent story, very mysterious. Why did the girl do it, & what an evil old man I wonder if he used his American pasport & left the country leaving the former young man in the lurch. Nice touch with the poor guy tryingto decide if he should try for another body. PLS continue