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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tourist (Part 1)

The large temple wasn’t on any of Evan’s tourist maps, but the long line outside certainly piqued his interest. He stood in line behind an elderly man who seemed to smile when Evan got in line behind him. When Evan asked about the temple, the old man smiled even larger. He eyed Evan’s camera and maps and said that the temple was one of the best tourist sites in the city but that he didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Evan got a little excited, but clutched his camera a little tighter as he got the odd impression that the old man wanted to rob him. The line moved slowly as a woman in red got in line behind Evan, and a few more people got behind her. He noticed some people shuffling their positions from time to time.

It all seemed very strange, but after a long wait, Evan was in front of the line. He awaited to be let in. Upon first entering, he did feel a moment of pure euphoria, like a floating bliss. But it quickly diminished and he realized he stood in a rather unremarkable room that people left almost as son as they came. Evan felt disappointed. He looked back as he left; at least it was beautiful from the outside. He reached for his camera to discover that it was missing. But it wasn’t just his camera that was gone; his whole body had gone missing! When he looked down, he instead appeared to be inside the body of the woman in red who had been standing behind him.

1 comment:

  1. Mysterious & chilling, what a breat story. I huess the old man now has his body. PLS continue