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Saturday, August 6, 2016


It wasn’t uncommon for Jerry to rush over to the computing department once Kevin called him to explain a new script of code he had written. The guy was a genius and just about everything was incredibly impressive. Today Kevin was showing off a code that could swap two people’s bodies. Jerry was skeptical. Kevin sensed this and told him that he could prove the code, if Jerry was willing to volunteer. Of course, since Kevin had to run the code, Jerry would have to switch with a third party. Kevin input a few variables and told Jerry it was all set.

A few moments later, Jerry realized he should have asked Kevin a few more questions about who Kevin had planned to swap him with. Jerry now stood in a campus building directly across the quad from Kevin’s computing lab, but he wasn’t exactly comfortable with this new body. Kevin had swapped him into the body of a woman! His balance felt off, the heels were quite obnoxious, and he felt like every guy walking by was staring at him. He needed to get back over and demand that Kevin swap him!

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