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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Localized (Part 1)

“There is no way we can open the beach today.” Tony sighed.

“Not a chance.” Maxine assured him.

“Such a shame. The water LOOKS so calm.”

“I wouldn’t describe waves ripping your head off only to have it slammed atop your fellow lifeguard’s body as calm.”

“I’m not exactly happy with my head atop your body either, but when you look at them...they just don’t seem capable of doing what they did to us. I blame the runoff from the weird industrial plant upstream.”

“Whatever caused it, we better take the orange flags down and get the red ones up. No one is swimming around here today. How widespread do you think this phenomenon is?”

Tony sighed, “I have no idea, but I sure HOPE it’s localized.”

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