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Monday, August 1, 2016

Gamer (Part 7)

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After a few days, Jason realized that he wasn’t really adjusting to being a video game character, it was actually a much bigger deal to adjust to being a woman. Shopping had been quite eye-opening. Things were more expensive (he wasn’t able to afford as much as he wanted), styles were much more varied (he had a hard time choosing), and he also had to deal with a few creepy guys. In fact, a weird guy probably tried to hit on him every day. He knew he had the ability to put any of them in a coma with one swift kick, but he stopped himself from being too violent. He knew he would have to adjust.

And on another note, while he had been at the mall, he went into the video game store. He asked about purchasing a copy of Street Fighter as he didn’t see it on the shelf. The clerk seemed to have no clue and told Jason that he had never heard of such a game...

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