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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Mike needed a break. He still couldn’t believe how amazingly fit this body was, but he needed to push it just a little harder. The distance between her office and her home was ten miles. He wanted to be able to make that without breaking a sweat. After all, it was the cab ride she had taken home from the office that night which resulted in him swapping into this great body in the first place. He had been stuck in that driver’s body for week. At the time, he knew he’d be able to swap bodies with someone (just as the previous person stuck in the driver’s body had swapped with him), but he had never even considered being a woman. But something about her told him it would be okay.

He was right.

He couldn’t explain why, but he ended up loving being a woman. Her body just felt so amazing. Plus, she made a lot of money working in finance; the only downsides were those late nights. He didn’t want to risk ever taking another cab again. The odds seemed low that he’d ever encounter another cab that could swap people’s bodies, but he didn’t want to chance it. The trains and buses stopped running at midnight. That meant the only other option was running. He knew there might be some danger for a woman running alone so late, which is why he wanted to be prepared. He didn’t want to have to stop or even slow down. He knew he could outrun anyone. Especially if that person was the woman whose body he had stolen now swapped into a new body of her own...

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