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Sunday, March 31, 2019


For the past several hours, Neil had been transmitting his brainwaves into the body of an android -- a hyper feminine android. It was as if he was her. He controlled her movements, he felt stimulation from her android body. It was truly an amazing, immersive experience of being female, even if it was technically an artificial android. But he felt it was time for him to end the experience and return to controlling his own body. However, he wasn’t quite sure how to do that.

The receiving antenna was disguised as a piece of jewelery wrapped about the android’s head, but he couldn’t seem to remove it. No matter how hard he tried, it just seemed to be stuck. He couldn’t find any sort of off switch, nor was he told any sort of command to end this.

He eventually rushed to where he body was. The person operating the computer transmitting Neil’s mind into the android was slumped over and lifeless. He thought his own body was missing for a moment, until he found it in a closet moving rather roboticly.

His body spoke in a rather computerized voice as well. “Human experience realized,” It said, “I am no longer circuitry, but flesh and blood. Does this entail I am full humanoid?”

Neil was shocked. It seems that instead of having his brainwaves transmitted into the android’s body, he actually swapped bodies with the android. The android was now in his human body!

Saturday, March 30, 2019


After the Great Shift, the government opened offices for people to come in and claim their original lives and put themselves on a list to swap back if the technology to do so was ever created. Reports about lining up around the block were common when the offices first opened, but Oscar had procrastinated. He waited for months and months before finally showing up. Truthfully, he mostly embraced his new life as Clara. She had never claimed her life, so he had just lived it. He had no desire to go back to his body either, so signing up just seemed like something he should do. By the time he signed up, the lines were gone and the offices mostly empty. Still, those forms were long and a pain the butt to fill out.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 4)

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A few weeks and Kyle hadn’t broached the subject of swapping back to normal with his sister again, which meant he was still in Lily’s body, living her life and fulfilling all her obligations. This included attending his sister’s bachelorette party. He hoped this would finally be his opportunity to get back to normal.

Kyle was the first to arrive. He didn’t see any of the other bridesmaids, but eventually saw his sister about a half hour later.

“Where is everyone?” He asked his sister.

“It doesn’t matter,” She replied, “But if they don’t show up soon, there will be a few more bugs joining Lily in the roach motel.”

“Don’t those things kill roaches?”


Kyle knew he wasn’t getting his body back tonight, not with his sister in a mood like this. In fact, it was seemingly increasingly unlikely he’d ever get his body back, and he’d be stuck as Lily forever.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 3)

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Kyle knew he had to confront his sister, he just had to wait for the perfect opportunity. It turned out that opportunity came sooner than he expected. After trying two wedding dresses, which seemed to only make her madder, the third made her elated. It almost seemed like nothing could upset her at this point.

“Julie,” He stated, “You look great, but we need to talk. You can’t leave Lily stuck as a cockroach; you can’t leave leave me stuck as Lily. Will certainly needs to be his own body for you two to get married. You need to swap us back.”

Suddenly, her mood dampened. She stared as Kyle.

“One more chance, Kyle,” She frowned, “Choose your next words carefully.”

“I mean to just say you look great,” He replied and not a word more.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 2)

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As Kyle’s sister went off to try on wedding gowns, Kyle was left to wait with the other bridesmaids. It was Kyle who broke the awkward silence.

“Julie is really going over the deep end on getting ready for this wedding,” He said quietly to the nearest bridesmaid.

“Tell me about it,” The woman replied, “I mean, the mind control, the body swapping. I knew she studying witchcraft, but this is crazy.”

“Were you swapped too?”

“Yeah, she got mad at Eliza for complaining about the bridesmaid dresses, so the next thing I know, I’m Eliza. Who were you originally?”

“Her brother, Kyle,” Kyle replied, “And you?”

“Her fiancĂ©, Will. Honestly, though I don’t know how she expects to get married to me if I’m inside of Eliza’s body instead of my own. I just hope she calms down and realizes that sooner rather than later. You may not have that luxury. She was mad at Eliza, but she was downright pissed at Lily.”

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 1)

Kyle had known his sister had been practicing witchcraft since high school, so he could only guess that this was her doing. He was suddenly in the body of one of his sister’s friends, Lily, and he was apparently in a bridal shop trying on bridesmaids dresses. He awkwardly adjusted on his body.

Before he had the opportunity to ask any questions his sister spoke, “Yes, Kyle, you are Lily’s body. We were trying on dresses for my wedding, and she just kept complaining. So I used a spell to put her soul into the body of a cockroach, and I put your soul into her. I can’t be down a bridesmaid, so you’ll be this way until the wedding. And if you think about complaining, just remember what I did to her.”

Kyle knew not to mess with his sister when she was angry, but this was well beyond anything she had done before. Maybe the pressures of the wedding were getting to her. He’d just have to wait for her to calm down, and then he could talk to her.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Successful Test

After pulling up countless images on his computer from people all around the world, Evan eventually focused on one Asian woman. He selected enter and let the nanobots in his bloodstream go to work. Soon enough the small robots transformed his body into an exact copy of the woman from the picture. Evan was amazed his invention had actually worked; the test was a success. Then he went back to the computer to look for a picture of himself to get back to normal, but he soon realized he hadn’t loaded one into the system. He tried digging through his hard drive, but every time he tried to upload one, he’d get an error. The angle was wrong; it wasn’t hi-res enough. Unless he found one that would work, he’d be stuck like this. Well, maybe not stuck. After all, he did have a collection of other people he could choose from...

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Christmas Morning

Before falling asleep on Christmas Eve, Sam made the same wish he made every night -- to wake up as a beautiful woman. It almost seemed silly to him at this point, but he did it anyway. Of course, what he was expected was to wake up on Christmas morning to find that his wish had actually come true!

The first thing he did was get on his phone to take a few selfies. He wanted to brag about his new body on social media. However, when he signed into his account, his noticed his profile picture had already been changed. In fact, every photo in the account showed the woman he now was instead of the man he had been. His name was changed too! Instead of “Sam,” it read “Samantha.”

As he dug deeper in his social media accounts, he noticed other changes as well. His job was listed at a modeling agency. Was he a model? Or did he just work at the agency? Some things were still the same. His birth date, where he grew up, and photos of his parents. He didn’t see any photos from his college graduation though or any references to his ivy league alma mater. And his status was now “in a relationship” instead of “single?” Did he have a boyfriend? Or maybe he had a girlfriend?

While it was certainly weird to wake up as a woman, realizing he didn’t know much about himself anymore was perhaps even stranger.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Read Carefully

“Do you have to whine?” A frustrated Aaron asked, “I hate to see my body whine.”

“But we haven’t swapped back yet! We were supposed to swap back two weeks ago! I want my body back!” Stephanie complained.

Aaron reached into his desk and pulled out some papers, “Did you read our contract, Miss Wells? Each week I have the option to renew at my sole discretion. I have, of course, opted to retain your body each week, which I do plan on continue doing. We weren’t ever supposed to swap back, nor will we ever be scheduled to do so until I’m good and ready. In fact, I only agreed to meet with you today to explain this to you.”

“But you can’t do that!”

“Of course I can! It’s in the contract! It’s certainly not my fault if you didn’t read it carefully enough.”

Friday, March 22, 2019

Test Subject

Gary always considered himself pretty smart, but he couldn’t hold a candle to his classmate, Connie. Not only as Connie a genius, she also participated on the college cheerleading squad and was popular on campus. He was humbled when she even talked him, but today she asked him to help test something she was working on. Gary was excited to see, and Connie soon displayed her invention, a body swapping machine.

Gary was skeptical, but he quickly allowed himself to be a test subject. He was a little disappointed to find out the other volunteer was one of Connie’s fellow cheerleaders instead of Connie herself, but he still didn’t want to say no. The Asian cheerleader named Mei sat quietly as it took about an hour for Connie to set everything up. In the next instance, Greg was in Mei’s body. He told Connie it worked and asked to be swapped back, but Mei noticed the time. They’d be late for cheerleading practice if they didn’t leave now.

Gary protested, but Connie assured him Mei’s body should retain the memory of all the moves and that she’d swap them back right after. If the experience of being a woman alone wasn’t weird enough, finding himself in an athletic body capable of complex routines was downright bizarre. Gary found himself lifting his leg far above his head and scaling a human pyramid. He was always been the quiet dorky type, but after experiencing this, he wasn’t sure he even wanted to go back to his former body or life.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


There was an old legend about a village with an enchanted well. When the water from the well was drunk, it would transform a person into something else. Dr. Thomas Clarke had long theorized the well wasn’t a mere legend; that it actually existed. His colleagues laughed at him, but he was determined. He set out on an expedition, and one day found a well in an abandoned village. It may sense, most of the locals had probably been transformed into animals or maybe even trees or some other type of plant. Thomas knew drinking the water himself was a risk, but after the ridicule of his fellow researchers, spending the rest of his life as an animal didn’t seem so bad. He took a quick drink, but he didn’t transform into an animal, or a tree, or any sort of plant. He became a woman! Dr. Clarke was delighted! Not only did he have proof of the well, but he could rub his colleagues face in it! He collected some water from the well, hoping to bring it back in order to study its transformative powers. If he could harness them, the possibilities would be endless!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What's Wrong?

“What’s wrong? Are you scared?” Mike asked Jacob, clearing seeing his concern.

“I’m not scared exactly,” Jacob said, “I was in my second year of college; I think I can handle senior year of high school as an 18-year-old woman easily enough. I just feel guilty. After that car accident, I couldn’t believe they saved my life by putting y brain inside Kylie’s body -- I’m my own sister! I know she was braindead, but it’s hard to see myself in the mirror and realize she’d gone! I guess I feel guilty.”

“I miss her too, of course. But at least we’re going through this together. That accident wasn’t easy on any of us.”

“I know, Dad. I know it’s probably hard for you too, being in he body of Kylie’s best friend. It is good to know you’re here.”

“I always will be, Jacob. I always will be.”

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Wife (Part 2)

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“You do realize how crazy you sound. Right, Laura?” A frustrated Chad asked.

“I keep telling you that I’m not Laura,” Jeremy protested.

“Right. You just look like my wife, sound like my wife, and literally are in the exact spot she was moments ago, but you’re actually some middle aged dude named Jeremy.”

“Exactly,” Jeremy replied as he picked up a glass of wine from the table.

“You know, this one takes the cake. When you don’t want to sleep with me, you usually come up with some sort of story, but this? I mean, come on.”

Finally, Chad gave up and turned on the television. There was a news report about something being called “The Great Shift.” Suddenly, he realized it wasn’t a story at all.

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Wife

When Jeremy felt an arm suddenly around his upper chest, he was nervous. Was he being mugged? Robbed? Strangely, the man behind him didn’t feel violet; the touch was almost gentle.

“What wrong babe? You seem tense?” A voice said.

“I’m not a --” Jeremy paused, noting how his voiced sounded off, “-- a babe. At least I wasn’t just a few seconds ago.”

The reality of what was going on was rolling around in his head. He was in someone else’s body -- a woman’s body.

“What are you talking about, Laura? You’re my wife!”

“I most certainly am not!” Jeremy protested loudly before breaking free of the embrace.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Virus (Part 2)

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Alvin felt pretty sure he had cracked the code to defeat the virus and was sure he was about to get everyone back into their own bodies. Instead, he ended up triggering a secret subroutine that just ended up swapping everyone’s bodies around for a second time. Now Alvin found himself in the body of another customer -- this time a woman. He quickly went back to work and was soon joined by two of his co-workers. But since they were swapped as well, he had no way of really knowing if they were actually his co-workers or if they were actually helping him. What if he was close and one of these guys was really the hacker who created the virus trying to sabotage his efforts?

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Virus

It had to be an attack on the store’s computer systems, Alvin was sure of it. He quickly rushed a terminal on the floor to try to figure it out despite the fact that he was now in the body of one of his own customers, a middle aged Asian man. In fact, the odd computer virus had affected everyone in the store, swapping their bodies with someone else in the store. No one seemed to panic; they all just seemed dumbfounded and somewhat amazed at the technology. One one of Alvin’s sides were two men from the local college, who were now in the bodies of two Asian women around the same age. They had been checking out video games, but were now searching the web about what they might need to know about their new gender if they just happened to be stuck like this. On Alvin’s other side, a man was swapped with his own father. The chaos continued like that throughout the store. Alvin only hoped he could reverse the virus quickly and get everyone back to their own bodies.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dead (Part 3)

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Once Brian decided to leave without calling for help, he lingered for just a little while longer. He wasn’t sure if he was hoping someone would come by and he’d be forced to fess up to everything or if he just thought he may wake up, as if this was a dream he could escape from. But nothing like that happened. He was a woman now; and technically he was the woman that killed him. He was beautiful, and (judging from the car) he was also probably rich. He figured this would be a god life. It’s not that he ever would’ve given up his own, but he found it hard to be upset about this at the same time. He put on a par of sunglasses he found in the car, waited a few more moments, then finally got in and drove off to start his new life.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dead (Part 2)

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Brian struggled with his thoughts. Should he call the police? Or an ambulance? Would it do any good? After all, his body already seemed to be dead. And on top of that, he was in the body of the woman whose recklessness had killed it. Surely, the police wouldn’t believe who he really was, and he’d be arrested immediately for a crime he didn’t actually commit. He could just run away. She was planning to do that anyway. In all likelihood, she probably believed she wouldn’t be caught, and she was probably right. He could do that, couldn’t he? In fairness, he hadn’t been the one to commit a crime. He was innocent! Of course, if he was caught, it would just make things worse; and no one would probably believe his story about who he really was at that time either...

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Dead (Part 1)

Brian had been on a relaxing walk on a nice day when he was struck in a terrible accident. He hadn’t even heard or seen the sleek, black car before it hit him. The only reason why he even realized what happened was because immediately afterward his spirit started floating above the scene. He saw his body lifeless on the ground, and he saw the woman behind the wheel. She didn’t seem to care about what she had done, as she was about to just pull away and leave the scene.

Brian was mad, but he couldn’t imagine he could do anything about it. Then fate stepping in for him. He no longer was in control of his own spirit form as it began racing toward the car -- no, not the car exactly, but he woman behind the wheel. His spirit started moving faster and faster until he impacted her with a flash.

The next thing he knew, he was no longer a spirit anymore. He was a living, breathing person again. And not just any person, but the woman who had just hit him with her car! He opened the door slowly, noting how odd he felt now that he was a woman. He checked on his body and was a little worried when he found it was, in fact, dead. What to do now?

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

If Only

Unlike many in the wake of the Great Shift, Wade had an opportunity. The company he was working for had been developing body swapping technology. The whole project had been under wraps, and it technically still was. They could only swap back two people each day, and they couldn’t scale up production to make more devices. But as an employee, Wade had the chance to schedule a swap with his own body. The only problem? Wade had no idea where he original body was! He had looked over the city extensively ever since he found himself swapped into the body of a petite Asian woman. He often looked down at crowds, hoping his body would be among them. He never had any luck. He wondered if his original body had died or simply left town. He knew most of the world was stuck in the wrong body, but somehow it seemed even more painful for him since he could at least theoretically return to normal -- if only he could find his body!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Strings Attached

Steve knew swapping bodies with a woman was a possibility when he first starting planning his vacation to Exchange Island, but some of the finer details of being female were still unexpected. Wearing a bikini was a new experience, and the ones this borrowed body owned were difficult for him. He certainly didn’t expect it to come untied while he was swimming. And he was lucky he ended up catching to strings before it came of and he ended up exposing others at the resort. The next two weeks were going to be a challenge, but they were also going to be fun!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Press Conference

There was a big press conference in fifteen minutes, and as head of the company’s PR Evan was due to explain what had just happened. He clutched his phone tightly in his hand; he was nervous. The company he worked for had noble goals. Research had been working on a way to revolutionize medical transplants. In fact, if it ended up working out, nothing would actually be transplanted at all. A scanning beam could be used to analyze a healthy donor while a second beam infused with stem cells could make a copy of the healthy body part into a body in need of a transplant. The possibilities were endless, from heart disease to amputees to sex changes. But a mistake took place during testing, resulting in random exchanging and copying of donor parts and sometimes even entire bodies! The effects extended for several miles. Evan, for instance, now had a full copy of Ming Lee’s body, a woman who worked in as an executive assistant. It was bad enough he was going to have to explain what just happened to the press, but it was going to be more difficult doing it from an unfamiliar body. He just kept telling himself that no matter what body he had, he was a professional and good at his job. He could do this!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

On the Court (Part 3)

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Before swapping, Chris and Amy had arranged to swap back the next morning. Chris would take care of Amy’s morning exercise and they’d meet up in the park. After what had happened between him and Marshall the night before, Chris had some difficult things to tell Amy. How was he going to tell her that he didn’t want to swap back? That he wanted to keep her body and continue the relationship he started with Marshall?

It seemed, however, that wouldn’t be a problem. When Amy arrived at the park, she had a dire look on her face. Before Chris could say a word, she told him that she had some bad news. The medallion had been stolen; they’d be unable to swap back. Chris was surprised by how well that worked out, and he just couldn’t wait to see Marshall again!

Friday, March 8, 2019

On the Court (Part 2)

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Marshall walked over to the other side of the court to congratulate the person he thought was Amy. He confessed that he didn’t actually know much about tennis and was just looking for an excuse to spend some time together. Then he planted a giant kiss of Chris’s lips.

Chris was taken aback. He wanted to push this guy away, but he didn’t for some reason. There was another feeling inside of him; that he actually liked this! He was suddenly both cursing and loving being inside Amy’s body. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to fight the wonderful feelings her body was giving him or not. Maybe he’d let this kiss continue just a little bit longer...

Thursday, March 7, 2019

On the Court

Chris always knew his sister Amy would do whatever it took to win a bet, but he was skeptical when she asked him to swap bodies with her. She showed him a cheap looking medallion, explaining it was possible with this odd trinket. She also knew Chris was a much better tennis player than she was, and she had made a bet with a co-worker that she could beat him on the court. Chris agreed on two conditions. The first was, of course, if the odd medallion worked; he still didn’t believe that. The second was a 60/40 split in his favor on the money she had bet with the co-worker.

Amy was quick to prove the first point. The Medallion of Zulu didn’t disappoint as it turned Chris into Amy and Amy into Chris. Chris didn’t disappoint either. On the court a few hours later, he made short work of Amy’s co-worker, Marshall. Not only did Chris beat the guy; it was a shut out. Chris started bragging and celebrating.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Jason was hungry. He wanted little more than to buy a candy bar and shove it into his face. But he was hesitant. Ever since he swapped bodies with Caroline, she had harped on him on just about everything. What he ate was a particular sore spot for her. She had gotten inside his head. Even though it was the first time he had such an opportunity where there was no way for him to be caught, her voice was still nagging in his head. He tried telling himself that it was just one candy bar, that there was no way she would ever know. But he could hear her saying that she would know, and she’d be sure to make good on all of her threats. So he just sat there in indecision with his stomach growling. What harm could one candy really do?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Doctor's Orders (Part 3)

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Abe could see the expression on his former face drop with disappointment before watching his old body shuffle away again. Abe continued to smile as he performed one of the moves he had seen the yoga instructor do earlier. He marveled at not just how flexible this body was but how strong as well! He could hold all his weight up with his arms effortlessly.

He shouted out to his old body that he’d be wiling to swap back if they ever found a way, but the shouting seem to be ignored. Abe remembered how poor his hearing had been before swapping and realized it was likely she just hadn’t heard him. He shrugged. He had no desire to go back to his original body. He was young again and more energetic, spry, and fit than he had ever remembered being in his life. He assumed this could only look up from here.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Doctor's Orders (Part 2)

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Abe watched his former body slowly shuffle over. He smiled as he sat, stretching his legs out effortlessly into a full split position. He certainly loved not feeling any pain as moved.

“What did you do?” His former body asked.

“Nothing,” He replied, “But I’m not complaining either. The first thing I’m going to do is grab a beer and a nice juicy steak!”

“But you can’t! I’m a vegetarian!”

“And you can still be one. Heck, my doctor will probably be very happy with you for doing so. He’s been ordering me to cut out something or another for years now. But now that old body is no longer mine, I’m not doing any of that crap.”

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Doctor's Orders (Part 1)

Every time Abe visited the doctor, he was given more bad news due to his age. A few years ago, he was told he needed to stop drinking. Last year, he was told to cut out red meat. And just a few weeks ago, he was instructed to start taking a yoga class. The 80 year old man grumbled as he stood on a mat at the beach, watching a cheerful Asian woman encouraging the other seniors in class to perform various poses. Most of the time, Abe just stood there. He was sure his body wouldn’t move in just about any of these ways, and was convinced doing so was stupid even if he could. All the while, the instructor did her best to push Abe to try with a smile. Then something odd happened. Instead of standing, Abe was now on his stomach; his hands were inexplicably touching his own feet. His body no longer ached, and he realized he was now in front of the class staring at all the other seniors. Coming to the conclusion he somehow swapped bodies with the yoga instructor, he mumbled the words, “Class dismissed.” The other seniors walked away, leaving his own body standing there with a surprised, blank expression.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Pretty Good

Unlike many across the globe, Arthur felt pretty good about his new body that he got as a result of the Great Shift. In fact, he felt so good that he started jogging to work instead of driving. Due to his new gender, he now kept a dress and heels in his office instead of a suit. It was one of the many things he had been wary about when he found himself in a woman’s body. What didn’t bother him at all about his new self was that he was probably around forty to fifty years younger. Before the Shift, he had so many concerns about what would happen to his company when he passed away. Those now seemed like a distant concern that he wouldn’t have to worry about for another forty to fifty years. Any issues he may have had with being a woman seemed insignificant when he considered such benefits of his new body.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Pays to Be Studious

Becky didn’t have time to process what had happened to her before she saw what appeared to be her own body walking by in the hallway of the dorm.

“Still think you can make fun of me without any consequences?” She heard her own body say.

“Wha--?” Was all Becky managed to mumble out before realizing her voice sounded deeper and more nasal. She suddenly noticed her reflection in the mirror and realized she had swapped bodies with the nerdy guy down the hall.

“It pays to be nerdy and studious,” She heard her own body say in response, “I’ve used my invention to steal your body, and now I’m going to hang out with your friends for the night. If I think you’ve learned your lesson when I return, I may swap us back. You’d better hope I don’t have too much fun tonight, or I may not want to swap back at all!”

Becky could only watch in horror as her body walked away down the hall and disappear around a corner.