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Friday, March 1, 2019

Pays to Be Studious

Becky didn’t have time to process what had happened to her before she saw what appeared to be her own body walking by in the hallway of the dorm.

“Still think you can make fun of me without any consequences?” She heard her own body say.

“Wha--?” Was all Becky managed to mumble out before realizing her voice sounded deeper and more nasal. She suddenly noticed her reflection in the mirror and realized she had swapped bodies with the nerdy guy down the hall.

“It pays to be nerdy and studious,” She heard her own body say in response, “I’ve used my invention to steal your body, and now I’m going to hang out with your friends for the night. If I think you’ve learned your lesson when I return, I may swap us back. You’d better hope I don’t have too much fun tonight, or I may not want to swap back at all!”

Becky could only watch in horror as her body walked away down the hall and disappear around a corner.

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