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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 2)

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As Kyle’s sister went off to try on wedding gowns, Kyle was left to wait with the other bridesmaids. It was Kyle who broke the awkward silence.

“Julie is really going over the deep end on getting ready for this wedding,” He said quietly to the nearest bridesmaid.

“Tell me about it,” The woman replied, “I mean, the mind control, the body swapping. I knew she studying witchcraft, but this is crazy.”

“Were you swapped too?”

“Yeah, she got mad at Eliza for complaining about the bridesmaid dresses, so the next thing I know, I’m Eliza. Who were you originally?”

“Her brother, Kyle,” Kyle replied, “And you?”

“Her fiancĂ©, Will. Honestly, though I don’t know how she expects to get married to me if I’m inside of Eliza’s body instead of my own. I just hope she calms down and realizes that sooner rather than later. You may not have that luxury. She was mad at Eliza, but she was downright pissed at Lily.”

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