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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Doctor's Orders (Part 3)

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Abe could see the expression on his former face drop with disappointment before watching his old body shuffle away again. Abe continued to smile as he performed one of the moves he had seen the yoga instructor do earlier. He marveled at not just how flexible this body was but how strong as well! He could hold all his weight up with his arms effortlessly.

He shouted out to his old body that he’d be wiling to swap back if they ever found a way, but the shouting seem to be ignored. Abe remembered how poor his hearing had been before swapping and realized it was likely she just hadn’t heard him. He shrugged. He had no desire to go back to his original body. He was young again and more energetic, spry, and fit than he had ever remembered being in his life. He assumed this could only look up from here.

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