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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 3)

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Kyle knew he had to confront his sister, he just had to wait for the perfect opportunity. It turned out that opportunity came sooner than he expected. After trying two wedding dresses, which seemed to only make her madder, the third made her elated. It almost seemed like nothing could upset her at this point.

“Julie,” He stated, “You look great, but we need to talk. You can’t leave Lily stuck as a cockroach; you can’t leave leave me stuck as Lily. Will certainly needs to be his own body for you two to get married. You need to swap us back.”

Suddenly, her mood dampened. She stared as Kyle.

“One more chance, Kyle,” She frowned, “Choose your next words carefully.”

“I mean to just say you look great,” He replied and not a word more.

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