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Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Virus

It had to be an attack on the store’s computer systems, Alvin was sure of it. He quickly rushed a terminal on the floor to try to figure it out despite the fact that he was now in the body of one of his own customers, a middle aged Asian man. In fact, the odd computer virus had affected everyone in the store, swapping their bodies with someone else in the store. No one seemed to panic; they all just seemed dumbfounded and somewhat amazed at the technology. One one of Alvin’s sides were two men from the local college, who were now in the bodies of two Asian women around the same age. They had been checking out video games, but were now searching the web about what they might need to know about their new gender if they just happened to be stuck like this. On Alvin’s other side, a man was swapped with his own father. The chaos continued like that throughout the store. Alvin only hoped he could reverse the virus quickly and get everyone back to their own bodies.

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