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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Christmas Morning

Before falling asleep on Christmas Eve, Sam made the same wish he made every night -- to wake up as a beautiful woman. It almost seemed silly to him at this point, but he did it anyway. Of course, what he was expected was to wake up on Christmas morning to find that his wish had actually come true!

The first thing he did was get on his phone to take a few selfies. He wanted to brag about his new body on social media. However, when he signed into his account, his noticed his profile picture had already been changed. In fact, every photo in the account showed the woman he now was instead of the man he had been. His name was changed too! Instead of “Sam,” it read “Samantha.”

As he dug deeper in his social media accounts, he noticed other changes as well. His job was listed at a modeling agency. Was he a model? Or did he just work at the agency? Some things were still the same. His birth date, where he grew up, and photos of his parents. He didn’t see any photos from his college graduation though or any references to his ivy league alma mater. And his status was now “in a relationship” instead of “single?” Did he have a boyfriend? Or maybe he had a girlfriend?

While it was certainly weird to wake up as a woman, realizing he didn’t know much about himself anymore was perhaps even stranger.

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