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Monday, March 25, 2019

Successful Test

After pulling up countless images on his computer from people all around the world, Evan eventually focused on one Asian woman. He selected enter and let the nanobots in his bloodstream go to work. Soon enough the small robots transformed his body into an exact copy of the woman from the picture. Evan was amazed his invention had actually worked; the test was a success. Then he went back to the computer to look for a picture of himself to get back to normal, but he soon realized he hadn’t loaded one into the system. He tried digging through his hard drive, but every time he tried to upload one, he’d get an error. The angle was wrong; it wasn’t hi-res enough. Unless he found one that would work, he’d be stuck like this. Well, maybe not stuck. After all, he did have a collection of other people he could choose from...

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