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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 1)

Kyle had known his sister had been practicing witchcraft since high school, so he could only guess that this was her doing. He was suddenly in the body of one of his sister’s friends, Lily, and he was apparently in a bridal shop trying on bridesmaids dresses. He awkwardly adjusted on his body.

Before he had the opportunity to ask any questions his sister spoke, “Yes, Kyle, you are Lily’s body. We were trying on dresses for my wedding, and she just kept complaining. So I used a spell to put her soul into the body of a cockroach, and I put your soul into her. I can’t be down a bridesmaid, so you’ll be this way until the wedding. And if you think about complaining, just remember what I did to her.”

Kyle knew not to mess with his sister when she was angry, but this was well beyond anything she had done before. Maybe the pressures of the wedding were getting to her. He’d just have to wait for her to calm down, and then he could talk to her.


  1. wildly funny! she has sure lost it.

  2. I love this concept, I hope you continue the series.
    It was driving me nuts trying to place her face, so familiar. Turn out its Amanda Crew, specifically from the movie Sex Drive.