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Thursday, March 21, 2019


There was an old legend about a village with an enchanted well. When the water from the well was drunk, it would transform a person into something else. Dr. Thomas Clarke had long theorized the well wasn’t a mere legend; that it actually existed. His colleagues laughed at him, but he was determined. He set out on an expedition, and one day found a well in an abandoned village. It may sense, most of the locals had probably been transformed into animals or maybe even trees or some other type of plant. Thomas knew drinking the water himself was a risk, but after the ridicule of his fellow researchers, spending the rest of his life as an animal didn’t seem so bad. He took a quick drink, but he didn’t transform into an animal, or a tree, or any sort of plant. He became a woman! Dr. Clarke was delighted! Not only did he have proof of the well, but he could rub his colleagues face in it! He collected some water from the well, hoping to bring it back in order to study its transformative powers. If he could harness them, the possibilities would be endless!

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