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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

If Only

Unlike many in the wake of the Great Shift, Wade had an opportunity. The company he was working for had been developing body swapping technology. The whole project had been under wraps, and it technically still was. They could only swap back two people each day, and they couldn’t scale up production to make more devices. But as an employee, Wade had the chance to schedule a swap with his own body. The only problem? Wade had no idea where he original body was! He had looked over the city extensively ever since he found himself swapped into the body of a petite Asian woman. He often looked down at crowds, hoping his body would be among them. He never had any luck. He wondered if his original body had died or simply left town. He knew most of the world was stuck in the wrong body, but somehow it seemed even more painful for him since he could at least theoretically return to normal -- if only he could find his body!

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