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Friday, March 29, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 4)

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A few weeks and Kyle hadn’t broached the subject of swapping back to normal with his sister again, which meant he was still in Lily’s body, living her life and fulfilling all her obligations. This included attending his sister’s bachelorette party. He hoped this would finally be his opportunity to get back to normal.

Kyle was the first to arrive. He didn’t see any of the other bridesmaids, but eventually saw his sister about a half hour later.

“Where is everyone?” He asked his sister.

“It doesn’t matter,” She replied, “But if they don’t show up soon, there will be a few more bugs joining Lily in the roach motel.”

“Don’t those things kill roaches?”


Kyle knew he wasn’t getting his body back tonight, not with his sister in a mood like this. In fact, it was seemingly increasingly unlikely he’d ever get his body back, and he’d be stuck as Lily forever.

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