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Thursday, March 7, 2019

On the Court

Chris always knew his sister Amy would do whatever it took to win a bet, but he was skeptical when she asked him to swap bodies with her. She showed him a cheap looking medallion, explaining it was possible with this odd trinket. She also knew Chris was a much better tennis player than she was, and she had made a bet with a co-worker that she could beat him on the court. Chris agreed on two conditions. The first was, of course, if the odd medallion worked; he still didn’t believe that. The second was a 60/40 split in his favor on the money she had bet with the co-worker.

Amy was quick to prove the first point. The Medallion of Zulu didn’t disappoint as it turned Chris into Amy and Amy into Chris. Chris didn’t disappoint either. On the court a few hours later, he made short work of Amy’s co-worker, Marshall. Not only did Chris beat the guy; it was a shut out. Chris started bragging and celebrating.

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  1. GREAT Use of pic, funny & good story. I wonder what goes wrong