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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Quick Turn Around

“Thanks for turning this around so fast,” Julie said as she picked up the bridesmaid dress from the dry cleaners, “I can’t believe I have to wear this ugly thing at a wedding this weekend. Oh, and thank your father too when you see him.”

“I will,” Michael said, knowing full well that Julie probably assumed that any young Asian woman working at his store was his daughter.

Michael didn’t actually have any employees or any immediate family. What he did have, however, was the Medallion of Zulu, which he kept behind the counter. He often used it to transform himself into his female customers. In fact, he had used it along with the bridesmaid dress he was returning to be Julie for twelve hours. He wished it wasn’t a one-day rush job, because he would’ve loved to stay in her body for longer. It would’ve obviously been weird if she had come into his store and saw her own body returning her dress. Instead, he dug into some clothes a young Asian woman had left behind many years ago and never picked up.

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