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Friday, February 22, 2019

Parent-Teacher Conference

John clutched the lesson plan tightly in his hands as he entered the classroom. He felt so unprepared; after all, he had never taught a class before in his life. Of course, none of the students had any idea of this. When they looked up at him, they just saw their teacher, Miss Warren. John nervously looked over to his son, who was in Miss Warren’s class. He wanted to tell him about last night -- about he was attending a parent-teacher conference when he suddenly swapped bodies with Janice Warren and about how they agreed to keep the swap secret until they could figure out a way to swap back -- but he knew he shouldn’t. Janice had prepped John as much as he could, but he was having trouble enough dealing with all the feelings of being in a woman’s body that also having to deal with trying to obtain all the knowledge it took to educate a group of students wasn’t easy. He could only do his best and hope to swap back soon.

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