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Monday, February 18, 2019

Principal's Office

Principal Harris was a little disappointed to see Jeff in the office again. With a stern look, Principal Harris lectured Jeff, “This is the third time you’ve been sent to my office since the break ended, young man. You used to be such a good student, whats’ gotten in to you?”

Jeff leaned over and paused before speaking up, “That’s the thing, isn’t it? I’m not exactly a ‘young man’ anymore, am I? The Great Shift swapped just about all my other classmates with other students, but I get stuck in Mrs. Bell’s body. I’m a forty year old woman now! I have to wear my mom’s clothes! Yet I still get treated like an eighteen year old kid. I had plans to go to college and med school, but by the time I would complete my residency, I’d be close to sixty. So what’s the point? Why am I bothering with any of this?”

After explaining, Jeff just sulked, not wanting to hear any sort of excuse of explanation Principal Harris could come back with..

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