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Sunday, February 24, 2019


Walter was quite excited when he landed on Exchange Island and found himself in the body of a beautiful woman. The only problem was his blurry vision. Knowing this problem well from his own body’s poor eyesight, he searched her suitcases for glasses to no avail. He fretted about this for the entire first day until he came upon his own body, which happened to not be wearing glasses.

It didn’t take long to figure out that despite his new body, he still needed his old glasses. Part of him was a little concerned. After all, if he had swapped bodies with someone, shouldn’t it have been a complete swap including the eyes? He tried to put it out of his head and enjoy himself. And while two weeks as a gorgeous woman was fun, he was looking forward to being himself again.

But when everyone else swapped back at the end of their vacation, Walter didn’t. It seemed that since he didn’t have his own eyes, the initial swap wasn’t considered complete. Had he spoken up to the front desk when he first noticed, the problem could’ve been fixed, but the two weeks had allowed the two not-quite-completely-swapped bodies to merge enough to prevent any further swapping. Walter was stuck like this for good!

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