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Friday, February 1, 2019

Pain at the Pump

Chad couldn’t believe he was running late for work again. To make matters worse, he was low on gas in his SUV and needed to fill up if he hoped to make it without running out completely. Even though he knew it would make him even later, he pulled into a station and began to fill up. As the gallons and dollars ticked up, he went inside to scarf down a breakfast sandwich from the minimart.

He was so focused on needing to get to work that he didn’t notice the screams or even the change to his own body. The Great Shift had happened without Chad giving it a single thought. He had been an athletic man in his early 30s wearing a three piece suit, but now was a stylish woman in her 20s -- yet he didn’t even notice. He chalked up any weirdness he was feeling to the fact that he ate breakfast at a gas station or that he was worried about being late. He was just thankful to be returning the nosil to the pump so he could be getting on his way.

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