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Tuesday, February 12, 2019


After Angela begged Elliot to swap back bodies with her, a smug smile came across his face as his slid down into his chair at the cafe.

“So you expect me to return to the body swap clinic with you in order to return to our own bodies?” He laughed, “Forget about it! The whole argument about who had it harder, men or women? It was a ruse. I just needed to trick you into swapping bodies with me. Every since we swapped I have enjoyed each minute of being you, and I plan to keep enjoying it. I don’t have any plans to swap back with you...ever! This is my body now.”

Angela’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe Elliot would do this to her. He was her best friend. She had just had a simple argument where she claimed women had life so much harder than men, and when he disagreed, they had visited the body swap clinic for a quick swap. She never imagined how much she’d miss being a woman and decided to fold quickly. But now Elliot wasn’t going to swap back at all? She was on the verge of tears!

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