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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Long Night

Daniel couldn’t believe the night he just had. After getting out late from work, he tried to take a cab home. However, the strangest thing happened when he swapped bodies with the cab driver. He wanted to get out and scream at his former body, but instead he felt compelled to just keep driving. He just kept picking up fares and dropping them off. At one point, he noticed a journal on the seat next to him. He tried reading while driving, which usually meant some slight skimming as passengers yelled at him. He managed to get the basic gist of the curse and how to break it -- the ride just had to be long enough and he’d have to say “Have a nice day” as a person left the cab. He started saying it to everyone to no effect; he could only figure the rides weren’t long enough. It wasn’t until the next morning when he said to a woman who took his cab on her way to work. He was glad to not be driving the cab anymore, but a little surprised that he ended up in her body and not back in his own. He figured he didn’t read the journal carefully enough or something. He tried to put these concerns out of his head as he reached for the woman’s cell phone. He began to text his wife; she was probably worried sick about him!

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