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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Once Bitten

Every now and again, the small bruise on Scott’s leg bothered him. It had been left behind after a bug had bitten him while visiting the rainforest, and it was fair to say that bug bite had changed his life. No one had ever captured the bug and no one could even tell what it looked like, but a few like Scott had certainly experienced the effect of its bite. It is theorized that the rare insect carried a small amount of DNA from a previously bitten person along with a very unique poison. Once bitten, the poison transmits the other person’s DNA throughout the latest victim’s body, eventually transforming it. Scott was bedridden for days as his body transformed into a woman’s. There was much pain as even things like body parts and bones reshaped themselves, and once it was finished, he still had to adjust to being a woman. When he finally returned from his rainforest vacation, he had the impossible task off proving his identity to credit card companies, the IRS, and his work. In fact, he was so glad the chaos was finally settling down that he was able to ride his bike for the first time in a while. That’s when the bruise started acting up again. The thing still hadn’t gone away after a year. The stinging sensation was just another painful reminder of all the headaches he had gone through since getting bitten and transforming into this woman. He just poured some cold water from his bottle on it and tried to forget about it.

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