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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Get Out of Jail Free (Part 1)

After many successful years of organized crime, Vinny’s empire was on collapse. The near fatal blow was when Vinny himself got arrested. Fortunately, he long ago bought an insurance policy for this sort of thing. He had paid a hefty sum to his lawyer’s office to have an attorney slip in with a hidden body swapper.

He waited in his jail cell for a long time before an unimposing Asian woman finally arrived.

“Aw, hell no,” He said upon seeing her.

“If you’re being offered a deal, you’ve be wise to take it,” She replied without offering specifics, both of them knowing full well not to speak about the plan in the prison walls.

Vinny ultimately nodded, and the woman initiated the swap. Vinny soon found himself in her body. He awkwardly adjusted the blue skirt suit.

“I’ll talk with the DA about your case,” He said, finding an excuse to leave the cell.

And it was that easy for Vinny to escape from prison. But he had to do something about this body. He went to his lawyer’s office. He wanted to storm into the door, but instead felt compelled to wait politely in the reception area. He twirled his now long hair with his fingers as he waited. He certainly didn’t feel very powerful with this new body -- certainly not like the mob boss that he knew he was, and that’s what truly worried him.

1 comment:

  1. LOL very good start. I like that he feels powerless in her body & even waits in the waiting room. Iwonder if & how he can continue to be the BOSS> Also, I wonder if she somehow gains control of his orangizations/ Looking forward to more