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Friday, February 15, 2019

Get out of Jail Free (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
When Vinny saw the firm’s head partner open the door, he stood up. Instead of instantly shouting as he usually would, he waited patiently for the client to leave.

Then he finally spoke, “What the hell, Antonio? This is who you sent to spring me?”

“The police have a solid case against you, Vinny. My office didn’t exactly have a lot of volunteers to take the fall and do your time for you.”

“I paid you good money to get me out.”

“And you’re out, aren’t you? Look, I know more than a few guys who’d love to swap into Miss Lee’s body there, but we only had the one body swapper. The feds have really been cracking down on those things over the years. Unless we can find another one, you’re going to be Kayla Lee for a long time; if not forever! But be grateful you aren’t in prison, Vinny.”

Vinny sighed. If he still had his own body, he’d probably be pounding on Antonio with his fists right now, but he doubted Kayla’s body would be nearly as effective with physical persuasion. A part of him just now seemed averse to violence, but he couldn’t place why. For the time being, he just decided to head to the hideout he had set up. It was untraceable to him and loaded with luxuries just for this sort of situation.

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  1. LOL! excellent part 2. He sure is more submissive now! I still think something else is going on, like Miss Lee being freed in his body? PLS continue