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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Pain at the Pump (Part 2)

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Chad returned to the driver’s seat and got inside. He had left his keys and wallet inside, so he was finally ready to go. Still focused on just getting to work, he couldn’t quite figure out why he had to adjust his eat and mirrors. When he pulled out onto the street, he was astonished by the amount of accidents. Groaning, he knew this was only going to make him even later. The GPS wasn’t much help as it seemed every route was filled with traffic. Eventually, he switched from listening to music on his Bluetooth to the radio to try and figure out what was going on. Every station was reporting about some sort of massive body swapping. That’s when the realization finally came crashing down on him. He wasn’t sure how he even noticed. Maybe he finally noticed the feminine hands or his reflection in his rearview mirror, but Chad was having the horrific realization that many had already gone though some time earlier -- he had swapped bodies with someone. His masculine ego was taking a big hit that he was now a woman, but he tried to look on the bright side: at least no one would get on his case about being late for work today!

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