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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Not a Day Off

Bill had just returned to his apartment from his job at a brokerage while his housekeeper Lin was just finishing cleaning up for the day. As he reached into his wallet to pay her, a flash of light surrounded them and the pair passed out. They each awoke a short while later to discover themselves in each other’s bodies. Investigating further, they learned the cause was something called “The Great Shift.” Despite the chaos caused by the massive body swapping event, Bill knew it was unlikely his work would give him tomorrow off. He looked at himself in the mirror, seeing the reflection of Lin, a Chinese immigrant in cut off jean shorts and a dirty t-shirt. This look wasn’t going to cut it. He knew his own suits would not work either, so he called in a quick favor from another broker he used to date.

The next morning, Bill got ready for work. He admired how Lin’s body looked in a feminine pantsuit. It was honestly a bit of a surprise for him. He had only ever seen her wear dumpy clothes for cleaning his place -- she actually looked pretty stunning in business-wear. He’d have to lean on his female co-workers for tips on some other outfits to buy. After all, it didn’t seem like the Great Shift was going to be reversed any time soon...if ever!

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