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Saturday, February 23, 2019


“What do you mean I won’t be swapping back today?” Jeff stammered, “Emily and I had a contract. We were supposed to swap bodies for a week, and it’s up today.”

“Well, you see if you review that document in front of you,” The man at the body swap clinic explain, “Just before swapping, Miss Hanson signed an extension for ten years just before swapping bodies with you. And your signature was added to that document two days ago.”

“But that just means Emily signed it as her and then came in her and signed it again as me! How is this possibly valid.”

“I’m afraid it is valid. The laws haven’t quite caught up with body swapping yet. Any signature she signed while in your body is considered your signature. We can’t go around breaking the law by swapping you back. I’m afraid you are Miss Hanson for the next ten years...”


  1. 10yrs later My old body Jeff contacted the swapping clinic and wanted to swap back seeing he could not find me. The Clinic contacted me and gave me Jeff's contact information. I told the Clinic I wanted a life long contract, then I contacted My old body and my Ex for coffee. We meet and when he came in I was shocked he was homeless over weight and long hair and a beard to match. I polity told Jeff no way in hell will we be swapping back! I told him my story; After 1yr 1/2 I got the Emily thing down pat and was liking my life I found a rich guy who I fell in love with we got married and started a family I now have three children and just found out last week that is going to be four. Jeff under the life swapping contract I signed you are to never contact me my husband or my children, If you do you will be put on ICE for the next 50yrs by law which has caught up to the swapping technology. Good by and I have paid for your coffee and good luck!!