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Friday, August 26, 2016

Tourist (Part 4)

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For the next few hours, Evan found himself stuck in a strange cycle. Being close to the temple would fill him with confidence and contentment. He’d be convinced he could live his new life, and start to make his way outward. But as he ventured out too far, the content feeling would fade. A sense of worry would overcome him, he’d want his body back, and he’d head back to the temple. But as he got closer, the feeling of confidence would return. He’d feel like he never wanted to go back to his old body; a piece of knowledge about being a woman or this body’s life would pop into his head. He’d once again feel like he could live this life and he’d head back out until he got far enough out and the worry would set back in. Even at the happiest points, Evan knew the cycle didn’t make much sense. How could he live someone else’s life? But what he didn’t quite realize was that with each cycle, he was able to get further and further away...

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