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Saturday, May 1, 2010


When Nancy came to Kyle, begging to switch bodies, he thought she had gone crazy. He agreed only because he was a little afraid that she might be unstable and do something rash if he didn't play along. He had no idea that she'd actually be able to do it! Though Nancy was very attractive Kyle never expected or wanted to be viewing her body from this angle. Her breasts seemed much larger and heavier from his new perspective, and he could really tell just how heavy they were when he lifted them with his hands, releaving some of the weight off his chest. He tried to demand his body back, but Nancy refused. There'd be no way to forcer her either. Who would believe him? If he told anyone, he'd now be thought of as the crazy one!


  1. WOW< very good story - why did she want his body? Was he rich? was she sick? Was she in love with his girlfriend?

  2. Picture's down, please fix!