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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Dr. Henry Grant first heard about Exchange Island a few years ago. His was dismissive at first. After all, switching bodies was not scientifically possible! But his first visit to the island proved that very wrong! He had returned several times since to test various theories about the island. For his latest, he called in a boat remotely to see what would happen if someone left the island in a borrowed body. He had two leading theories. One would be snapped back to their own body back on the island after reaching a certain point. The other would be getting trapped in the new body. His second theory gave him some pause. This was the first time he had swapped with a woman. If he took this boat out to test the theory, he might be trapped in this woman’s body forever. It was a risk he’d have to take -- for science!


  1. LOL! clever sstory & good use of pic

  2. I like it, I bet there are plenty of guys who'd take the boat and the risk if they were in that body! Lol.