Friday, May 31, 2013

Eccentric (Part 1)

A few years ago, Miles had created one of the biggest hit websites, making him a billionaire. His wealth had made him quite eccentric. Very few knew how he spent much of his vast fortune, but prostitutes were a common rumor, and it certainly wasn’t untrue. On one night in the red light district, one woman on the street caught his eye. She wore a tube top, orange coat, and pleather shorts; she told him her name was Amie. He was sure it wasnt’ her real name. He asked if she had any diseases, and she assured him she didn’t. He then flashed some cash, and Miles whisked her away to a posh penthouse. He asked her if she recognized him, and she confessed she did. He joked and asked if knowing that would cost him more. She looked sternly at him.

“It will cost you everything,” She said before starting to recite words in a strange language.


  1. Very cool - rich guy looses his wealth but gains a hot young body. If he can remember how to work the web I bet he becomes rich once again!